Have You Seen The Video That Teaches Fifth-Graders That America Caused 9/11?


Imagine finding this question on a 9/11 quiz given to your 10-year-old child:

Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?

A. Other people just don’t like Americans.

B. Terrorists hate everyone.

C. Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.

D. None of the above.

(The “correct” answer is “C.”)

Not only did a Texas mom find this question on her fifth-grade son’s quiz about 9/11; she raised holy hell about it, which led to Flour Bluff Intermediate School in Corpus Christi, Texas removing the question from the quiz. That’s the good news.

The bad news? The school, along with thousands of others across the country, continues to force 4th, 5th and 6th graders to watch a video –  “Remembering September 11th” – which places the blame for the attack smack-dab on America – not on radical Islam.

P.S. This video has been shown to kids for more than ten years.

Shocked? Me neither. Here’s a partial transcript:

Kid: “Why would the terrorists be so mad at us anyway?”

Man: “A lot of people blame the United States for problems around the world.”

Kid: “I don’t get it.”

Man: “America is such a big and powerful country that the decisions we make here affect other countries around the world. And a lot of people think that we don’t use our power the right way. That’s because sometimes the things we do here can have a negative effect on other countries. And a lot of people disagree with the decisions and policies that the United States has.”

You can watch the relevant portion of the video here.

This is yet another obscene attempt by the “progressive” left to program the youth of America. How is it that this video has been shown in tens of thousands of classrooms across the country for more than ten years – and most parents never even knew it existed – much less, that it has been shown to children as young ten years old?

I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do know this: It’s way past time that parents have a say in their children’s school curricula. Whether it’s teaching our kids that America brought 9/11 upon itself, inviting Planned Parenthood – America’s Abortion Mill –  into classrooms or forcing students to stomp on a piece of paper with “Jesus” written on it, the leftist agenda must be thwarted at every opportunity.

The future of America may very well depend upon the attention parents pay – or don’t pay – to the education of their children. The leftists are counting on the latter.

O’s America.

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16 replies

  1. Mad and evil. The epitome of modern liberalism. *shakes head in disbelief*

  2. I am confused. Is the uproar over the fact that kids are made to watch the video or the content of the video itself?

  3. Militant Islam, yes, was the final word in the horror that was 9-11, but along the way some terribly naive mistakes were made. We did let people into the country who never should have been and then trained them to fly airliners where the simulators allowed the trainee to fly into buildings (just for fun, of course) as part of the program. We were generous and our generosity was used against us. In this way, we did make mistakes. Fault…that’s a heavy word for trusting the wrong people.

    Also, the main charge of American Imperialism makes no sense to us because from a national psyche and surficial government standpoint there’s nothing there. Read Daniel Yergin’s The Prize about the history of the oil industry and some of the charges start, unfortunately, making sense. The truly bad part about it is that those guilty of exploitation and a form of imperialism are few in number and are not the innocent people slaughtered. That’s where militant Islam does not separate out the parties and that is just wrong.

    This time around with Islam, there is nothing simple about the fight other than “might makes right” and the hard-liners will never negotiate or compromise. We have 1,300 years of that history and nothing has changed.

  4. Well…Ron Paul pointed during his presidential run, to some 900 U.S. military installations in 130 countries and we all know of the many billions spent on foreign ‘aid’ of various kinds. That’s how empires act and empires aren’t famously loved. And if we stop to recall, the U.S. is certainly not loved in plenty of places. There seems little doubt that our government ticks off plenty of people in many places. It often enough, displeases me! So, I’m not all that incensed over letting school kids begin to appreciate that reality.

    The fact that our policies likely led to 9/11 doesn’t justify what the murderous terrorists did that day. And that should be a clear part of the lesson. I can’t tell without having been present in the classroom whether that distinction was made. If not, the school was supporting terrorism. If the point was presented, I can’t disagree with the program; history needs to be factual if citizens are to be informed, seems to me.

  5. Thanks Rat you’ve been keeping up with the propaganda that is being fed the Texas students. The teachers are busy teaching the students to pass the state’s test and these guys make a good buck by given them set programs so the teacher won’t have to give time to actually teaching. The new state test is ridiculous and worst than the previous one. Keep up the good work.

  6. CL and Jack: Wow.

    American imperialism? That’s how empires act? Our policies likely led to 9/11? You (Jack) can’t disagree with the program?

    While you both make points that American actions of the past may have led to resentment about one thing or another, resentment (jealousy, etc.) has been a part of the human experience from the dawn of man. Obviously, it would then extend to tribes, colonies, countries and various cultures around the world, would it not?

    But – to somehow connect dots between “normal” resentment and the fanaticism that led to 9/11 boggles my mind. Did American “imperialism” cause the Taliban to behead women in soccer stadiums? Are American “policies” responsible for the ongoing genocide against African Christians by Boko Haram? Is Islam’s stated objective – “We will rule the nations, Allah permitting” – the result of American “exploitation”?

    As for the program, Jack, the guy in the video gives direct answers to the kids as to why terrorists “are mad at us” – explicitly placing the blame on America. Did he say anything about radical Islam? Fanaticism? Zero.

    I believe that evil exists in the world and that it is personified in radical Islam. To imply that Islamic fanaticism is anything but – even by omission – is misleading at best, and dangerously naive at worst, which is why this program is so wrong – particularly because it is being used in an attempt to indoctrinate the nation’s youth.

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