The Social Media Travesty

As of this online publication, the U.S. Debt Clock web site reports a national debt of $16.7 trillion (that’s roughly $147,000 per taxpayer).  The deficit for fiscal year 2013 is reportedly $901 billion.  The unemployment rate is listed at 7.7% (although some argue that the “real” unemployment rate is 14.6%).  The inflation rate is 1.98%.  Congress hasn’t passed a budget in over three years.  The National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, is law.  The PATRIOT Act remains intact.  The war in Afghanistan rages on and to date has claimed the lives of 2,191 U.S. soldiers (1,561 of those during Obama’s presidency).  Obama has granted himself the authority to murder U.S. civilians on American soil using unmanned drone strikes.  Freedom is being restricted in the form of gun laws and soda bans.  The true events behind Benghazi remain a mystery, and the Fast and Furious scandal (which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans) has successfully been swept under the rug.

But if you have a Facebook account, you would find that the hot topic of the day is gay marriage, and you would also find that the media is reporting it as if it were newsworthy.

If any sweeping act of social media could portend so succinctly the doom of our nation, it would be this one.  The fact that millions of people have suddenly “woken up” to politics and are scrambling to have their voices heard about a veritable non-issue is absolutely alarming and a clear indication that the government has succeeded in distracting us from real issues — issues that would no doubt reveal their actions are cause for indictment.

The government and the media so desperately want us to focus on gay marriage because it’s such an intensely divisive issue.  Most Americans would agree that the debt and the state of the economy must be fixed and require immediate attention (although many may disagree on how this is best accomplished), so our liberal leaders need us to focus on something nobody can agree on.

Clearly, Obama and his liberal policies of stripping away incentives for success have miserably failed to bring the economy back from the brink of disaster.  He certainly doesn’t want to answer for it, so he employed the strategy of encouraging a “national discussion” about “gun violence” — a not-so-thinly disguised ruse to freak out the responsible, law-abiding gun owners and keep them focused on protecting their rights.  Now, as that discussion slowly winds down, the gay marriage debate explodes all over the news and the blogosphere as though it were timed with the “gun debate” resolution.  Gay marriage is so divisive a non-issue that the current administration is reveling in its sudden resurface, offering a new distraction for the sheep of the United States.

This will be a true test of the Supreme Court.  The only way to portray itself as truly vested in the Constitution — and to begin repairing its image after the unconstitutional Obamacare ruling — is to dismiss the case and allow the ruling on Proposition 8 to stand.  Personally, I don’t even know what the ruling is and I don’t care.  It doesn’t matter because, again, gay marriage is a non-issue.  Whatever California wants to do within the borders of its own state is none of my business because those powers are granted in the Constitution.  The Supreme Court must not hear this case because no such provision for regulating marriage in any capacity is granted to the federal government in the Constitution.  Period.

But no matter what the Supreme Court decides, today’s social media activity has clearly demonstrated that our populace is utterly devoid of any sentient thought and are incapable of tearing their eyes away from their iPads long enough to realize they’re slowly being caged in by a government that professes benevolence while simultaneously preparing the whips and shackles of slavery.


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  1. Somebody once remarked: “Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public” or similar and we certainly see our electronics accelerating those symptoms. With help from public ‘education,’ of course.

    As for the Court, seems as though it departed from the Constitution in Marbury vs. Madison and has ever since, followed the election returns…

    Re gay ‘marriage,’ may I respectfully note that a hell of a lot of public money rests on that? For a single example, gay ‘wives’ will be eligible for widow’s Social Security benefits, right? And S.S. is one of the biggest deficit creators…

    At least some of the Justices seem to have accepted your view; I read they may toss the DOMA case…we’ll see!

    • That sounds like something H. L. Mencken, a jerk of a man (though a funny one at times), would say. As for social media, remember who owns it. Making lame “” e-mail addresses and “Conserva-book” social media sites aren’t going to cut it. Until there is an absolutely brutal push into media, academia and pop (including underground) culture by people of a Conservative background who also understand marketing and culture, forget about reading anything more than useless piffle like gay marriage.

    • I always appreciate your comments, Jack!

      Good point — lots of money certainly rests on the issue. Maybe I should re-think just how much of an effect gay marriage will have on our already limping economy.

      I must respectfully disagree about Marbury v. Madison, though. I believe affirming judicial review was well within the court’s duties. When reading the law and determining how it should be applied, and upon finding the law conflicts with the Constitution, should they have chosen to apply the legislation over the Constitution? If so, wouldn’t that have practically nullified the Constitution? Interested to hear your thoughts on it.

      • Well, I’m flattered… Marbury was a little and little-loved J.P. if I have it right whereas Madison (James) was a political big shot. I think he was Sec. of State or something like that, then. My impression is that Marbury had the law on his side…unless the Court revised the Constitution…,

  2. “Gay Marriage” was and is, of course, a manufactured issue – pushed by Hollywood films and television shows (the entertainment writers are on record admitting their “liberal” agenda). In the end all institutions (including the Supreme Court) end up followng the culture – and the left control the culture (via their control of education, school and colleges, and their control of the media – especially the entertainment media).

    This wil end – but it will not end because of a push back by conservatives in the entertainment industry or setting up a rival to Facebook and Google.

    It will end when ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CRISES occurs – when de facto bankruptcy (economic and social) occurs. And that will be soon.

    Then it will be obvious to everyone that the present “liberal”, “Progressive” society just does not work. So people (in the United States – and all other Western nations) will face a choice……

    Full socialism – or a return to limited government and cultural conservtism (for one can not have limited government without cultural conservatism – if the state does not, for example, look after children there must be stable families and strong civil society cultural institutions [such as churches] to do so).

    This will be the time of trial – for which all people must prepare.

    • I hoped I was alone thinking those things you’ve said and therefore, likely wrong. Another worry seems likely to be on offer: a man on a white horse, to save us so that we don’t have to do it ourselves….

    • I agree. I think our “reckoning” is just around the corner, and it’s going to be devastating. Sounds a bit paranoid, but there’s no harm in preparing for it.

      I’m worried, though, that they WON’T realize the “progressive” society doesn’t work — that the narrative will continue to portray “us” as the bad guys and that we’re still causing all the problems. Obama successfully did this and it contributed to his re-election.

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