Liberal Media Responds to Shame…Ungraciously

GosnellThursday, Kirsten Powers, one of the more reasoned liberals out there, wrote a blistering piece published online by USA Today taking the mainstream, liberal media to the woodshed over the lack of coverage in the hauntingly grotesque Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia.  The man and his minions are accused of 40-something counts of criminal conduct, including the outright murder of seven babies born alive when their mothers paid Gosnell and company to kill them in utero.  And those are just the ones being tried.

(Due to the complete depravity of the actions described, and that they made me physically ill, no description will be offered here.  Other authors’ works have done a very good job with graphic description.  I have them linked if details are desired.)  (Yes, I know I am a confessed crime show junkie, but this stuff is not the subject of those shows.)

Later that evening on Special Report with Bret Baier on FOX News, the only one of the big five television news outlets to cover the TRIAL, not simply Gosnell’s arrest in 2011, Ms. Powers repeated her admonishment with the complete agreement from her two panel mates, Jonah Goldberg and Dr. Charles Krauthammer.  Dr. Krauthammer has a tendency to fall back on his medical training when it comes to the overall topic of killing children in the womb, but even he called the procedure in question infanticide, and agreed that the media blackout – other than The Philadelphia Inquirer and other Philly affiliates, for which this is local – of the trial story was and is shameful.

Well, that didn’t sit well at all.

In no time, there was “It’s a local story and we only cover national news” (Sarah somebody from the Washington Post) as if Casey Anthony, Lacey Peterson, JonBenet Ramsey, et al, weren’t simply local stories turned into red herrings; “Well, we covered it two years ago and FOX didn’t cover it until this week”  when the TRIAL started and all the Grand Jury testimony was revealed in complete and gory detail; and, my favorite, “Gosnell is an outlier.”  Uh, yeah, anybody who follows the pro-life battle knows that his is just the most extreme case caught.  There have been others over the years, including a Planned Parenthood “clinic” last week where instruments weren’t sterilized and there were blood stains on the floor, just like in Gosnell’s joint.  “The conservative media wasn’t covering it either” came from Donna Brazile and was promptly corrected by Michelle Malkin who has a body of work to prove that statement wrong.

Funny that most of these statements and arguments came from women.

And then some of the men chimed in. Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be a Front Page Story by Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic (not quite MSM, but darn close) appeared online agreeing with Ms. Powers, and was promptly shared from here to kingdom come by the online pro-life army.  And then a high ranking editor at The Washington Post asked, why aren’t we covering this.  Anderson Cooper had a segment on his CNN show that by all accounts was actually very even.  An ABC talking head tweeted that it was indeed a story that needed coverage (and then he ignored it).

At least there was an acknowledgement that there was a story there.

All day yesterday on Newsbusters, the conservative group blogs, Twitter, and actually Facebook where the pro-lifers were busy sharing the scorecard of procedures described in the trial, there was constant activity to get the word out about the media blackout.  If it wasn’t for the “alternative” blogs, online e-zines, conservative columnists, etc., none of it would have seen any air or print time beyond Philadelphia.

And still, the favorite line from the lefties, if they acknowledged the stories at all, was, “They covered this two years ago.  FOX didn’t then, and has only done so in the last week.”  Not true, but not the point.  The excuses were picked up by the left faithful and repeated.

In my own local circles, the most vociferous pro-life friend is a homeschooler, followed by a mutual friend who’s father used to be the Fire Chief.  Both constantly were posting information yesterday.  My midwife friend, who is an earthy leftist but “identifies pro-life” couldn’t stomach the descriptions.   And our REALLY left friend, who has never met a democrat who should be criticized, said not a word even if her mother spent an inordinate amount of time in jail while we were young having been arrested repeatedly as part of Operation Rescue.


The end result of the collective effort to get the word out about this story is yet to be seen, but The Washington Post is supposedly sending a reporter to cover the trial, and it would not be shocking if other outlets at least pick up the AP wire which is more or less the Philadelphia Inquirer coverage, and by all accounts exceptional.  (Most is available online and the source for many of the graphic descriptions in other stories and essays.)

However, what is important at this point in this story is not simply that the mainstream media is ignoring true threats to women’s health and well-being, but the out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to killing children in the womb and playing the part of all three see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil monkeys simultaneously.  With this trial, the truth can no longer be hidden.  Testimony in open court is a matter of public record.  What is being said in that Philadelphia courtroom is pouring sunlight on one of the biggest moral boondoggles of the human experience.

Ultimately, the mainstream media fears just that, and that the dam built around the pro-choice rhetoric will be burst.  It is a legitimate fear.  But, at the same time, ignoring a major story that exposes negligence when it comes to women’s health, a sacred cow of the left, is simply shameful.

Kudos to Kirsten Powers for pushing the story.  Horrible as it may be, it needs to be covered.

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17 replies

  1. is doing a brilliant job on Twitter in raising the profile of this dreadful case.

      • This really is unbelievable – and you are all so right – most of us had never been told this was going on.

      • The story itself was being followed on a handful of pro-life sites. Once the trial started, FOX picked it up, but no one else did. So what if the other nets covered it two years ago? No one remembers and all that would have been reported was the conditions at the time, not the first-hand witness testimony of the details that have made us all so sick. There were also racial segregation issues, which is NOT being discussed. All the way around, it’s just been a colossal dereliction of duty from the media.

  2. “In no time, there was “It’s a local story and we only cover national news”

    Does that mean that I no longer have to watch the Jodi Arius (or whatever her name is) soap opera for the next decade?

  3. Thanks to Flopping Aces for this round-up on what the “conservative media” was reporting about this story in the last two years.

  4. With the lives of nascent and new (recently added, we note) devalued, how far behind are the elderly, the lame and the halt? And we’re already offing political opponents via drones and squads of assassins, too. I’m told that you can now die with dignity in Oregon/Washington as well (unverified).

    Maybe mortuaries will be a goo investment…

    • That’s coming. I’ve got a post in mind for it as family tradition used to be caring for older relatives at home until their deaths. At least in my family. As a kid, I watched a lot of older adults age. It’s not pretty, but being human isn’t always.

      • Most kids were brought up with a lot of reality until pretty recently, weren’t they? Tossing them into a pristine, surreal prison to be brainwashed for 18 years while reality is held off seems to have arrived with the public schools… and the kids don’t seem to cope very well when they’re finally tossed into reality. Which as you say, isn’t always pretty…but, it’s reality!

  5. And yet “salon” magazine has taken this subject matter up, unlike the other liberal outlets that are trying to spin the story into something “racist”, after all the BLACK DOCTOR treated WHITE WOMEN, better than the immigrants and black women. Nope Salon has taken a new approach and claims if it hadn’t been for us “pro life” folks this would never had happened, an alleged underground abortion clinic. Now that takes the cake. They cannot grasp that pro life people are only out for the END TO MURDER, but what the hey the beat goes on, and whether or not the BLACK DOCTOR treated the WHITE WOMEN better than the immigrants and black women the end result was MURDERED BABIES.

    • I saw that. And the defense attorney tried to make it white on black racism,too. More than one article/post out there, and not just the conservatives, the author, like me, just couldn’t read any more of the Grand Jury testimony. That’s a statement in and of itself that people can’t even read about it without getting sick. Forget the pictures. Even when articles appeared on Yahoo and the one in The Atlantic, the pro-choice crowd was pretty appalled according to their comments.

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