Pro-Infanticide Princeton Professor Seeks To Grant ‘Personhood’ To Animals


Princeton Professor Pete Singer believes that newborns should not be classified as “persons” until they have been out of the womb for 30 days. He believes that attending physicians should kill disabled newborns at birth. He openly promotes bestiality and believes that experimentation on the mentally disabled is perfectly acceptable.

Professor Singer also believes that snakes, birds and kangaroos should be granted “personhood.” Oh, and so do the organizers of the upcoming Yale University-sponsored conference: “Personhood Beyond the Human.” From

Move over Personhood USA, there’s another personhood movement in town: except this one isn’t seeking to grant personhood rights to unborn human beings, but to apes and elephants.

Yale University is organizing a conference on “Personhood Beyond the Human” for December 6-8, 2013. It will feature, among other proponents of personhood rights for animals, notorious infanticide and bestiality-promoting ethicist Peter Singer.

The conference is co-sponsored by the animal rights group Nonhuman Rights Project and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, in collaboration with the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and the Yale Animal Ethics Group.

“The event will focus on personhood for nonhuman animals, including great apes, cetaceans, and elephants, and will explore the evolving notions of personhood by analyzing them through the frameworks of neuroscience, behavioral science, philosophy, ethics, and law,” reads a description of the conference on its website.

“Special consideration will be given to discussions of nonhuman animal personhood, both in terms of understanding the history, science, and philosophy behind personhood, and ways to protect animal interests through the establishment of legal precedents and by increasing public awareness.”

Renowned lawyer, bioethicist and defender of human exceptionalism Wesley J. Smith compared the anti-humanism of the upcoming Yale conference to a catastrophic volcanic eruption.

“Anti-humanism is pouring out of the academy and radical think tanks like a pyroclastic flow,” Smith said on his blog at the National Review. “If we are not careful, it will destroy the universal human equality backbone of Western Civilization just as surely as Vesuvius did Pompeii.” Continue reading…

I’ve always been amazed by the mindset of those on the left who have more compassion for trees and snail darters than they do for unborn children. In light of the grisly images and testimony at the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist charged with multiple counts of infanticide, stories like this one only serve to point out the stark differences in morals and values between us.

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  1. Step by step, since the passing of the generation of Noah Porter and James McCosh (the Common Sense tradition), American academia (indeed the academics of the Western world in general) have been heading to this – indeed Singer is just more open than the rest of them in his support of infanticide and so on.

    There are exceptions – the Catholic Scholastics, the Protestant collages (whether strict, such as Grove City Collage, or open [but anti statist] such as Hillsdale), the Orthodox Jews, even some atheists – but mostly the intellectual (especially the academic) world is a place of darkness.

    Little stands between the West and Paganism now – not some fluffy Paganism, but the real thing. Such as piles of human babies discarded in refuse heaps – as refuse.

  2. Well, I was just about to recommend feeding the Planned Parenthood abortion refuse to the wolves being raised for repopulating wolfless regions; it should be a considerable savings on both ends…

    I’m left with a question on this ‘pythons are persons’ thing, though… Once we get the laws changed to recognize this, does that mean that we won’t be able to eat steak any more? Or does that mean that for each steak we eat, someone has to volunteer to go to the tigers? And if there are no volunteers, how will the assignments be allocated?

  3. 20 years ago a Yale liberal told me that I discredited myself when I defended the unborn and said I had no problem with fur. Now, that notion is floated for all to see.

    Poor, misguided souls.

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    Pro-Infanticide Princeton Professor Seeks To Grant ‘Personhood’ To Animals

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