Bombing Is NOT American Conservative Style

flag-fireworksAfter a week of media wishful thinking, hoping to be able to blame American conservatives who are armed true believers in the United States and Christianity for something none of us would ever consider doing, it’s time to address the leftists of our country and explain some things about the traditionalist culture that they may have missed hanging out in gated communities and condos of like-minded cronies.

Judeo-Christian Religion

Anyone who subscribes to, or believes wholeheartedly in, either the tenets of Judaism or the creeds of Christianity lives their faith in everyday life, just as Muslims are supposed to.  It is part of our everyday discourse with our fellow humans (and, hopefully, non-humans).  However, in the overall Judeo-Christian lifestyle, unlike Islam, respect for others and purposefully refraining from taking what is theirs, killing them, and making them afraid is part of the faith.  It is part of what God revealed to Moses, the prophets, through Jesus Christ and St. Paul, and any number of other men and women over the course of the last 5,000 years.  Christians, or Jews, for that matter, are not going to try terrorize and kill people we are charged to love by our Creator, Almighty God.  It’s just not acceptable from a variety of perspectives.

The Right to Life

Far from being strictly about saving unborn babies from slaughter, the culture of life recognizes that ALL PERSONS, born and unborn, are to be treated with dignity and respect no matter their circumstances.  We are not to do deliberate harm to anyone.  We are to look out for the best interests of people whoever they are, and with whatever congenital conditions exist.  How we do this is a matter for debate and does divide us, but the answer is never, well, there’s too many, so we’ll just eliminate a few; or the elderly are no longer productive and use entirely too many resources, so we’ll just put them out of their misery (providing comfort as nature takes its course is not the same thing).  Why would any person professing to believe in the right to life destroy it without being in a self-defense situation or war theater?


In school, for a very long time, we were taught that the United States was the greatest nation on earth. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  We celebrated George Washington chopping down a cherry tree.  We learned that a representative government was far superior to a monarchy…at least we did when I was in school taught by the Sisters of Mercy.  Traditional, conservative Americans believe in the ideals that the Founding Fathers put into action when forming this nation.  It was called American Exceptionalism.  We internalized the message.  Destroying it by any means, let alone terrorism, is just not part of the package, even if we are not fans of marathons or runners in general.


Out here in flyover country, which had been wilderness more recently than the places where the leftist media sorts generally congregate regardless of “suburbs” being built in the woods, many people are not all that far removed from living off the land.  People do know how to hunt, fish, grow a kitchen garden, can and preserve food, etc.  For many of us, there is an austerity about it that is part of the lifestyle.  That means buying things meant to last, like a decent pressure cooker.  It also means that no one is going to go out of their way to destroy what provides sustenance, like wildlife.  We are caretakers and stewards, not really conquerors.  We take what we need, while respecting the rights of others.

Everyday, Normal, Fellow Americans Are Not Adversaries

Any true American conservative sees the opposition, or “enemy camp”, as being criminals and totalitarian government.  That is where time, energy and anger will be directed, not at spectators or participants in the Boston Marathon.  These people are bothering no one else.  They are acting perfectly within their rights.  There is nothing illegal about it.  If a conservative doesn’t like the event he or she will avoid it, not bomb it.  It’s all part of respecting others.

Aside from that, remember, according to the American mass media, the weapon of choice for conservatives is “assault rifles,” whatever that means.  Why would we be bombing rather than sniping?  (The media seems to forget about crossbows.  Just as deadly when the aim is accurate.  For humans AND deer.)

So, note for the mass media who look on American conservatives as strange, religious zealots in need of some re-education in how to be a citizen of the world, before imposing your prejudices on the thought processes of your sycophants, please familiarize yourselves with the culture of the people you denigrate.  There are too many of you and us for a class action lawsuit for defamation of character, but that is more or less what is being done when speculation that a bomber *might* be a right-wing extremist is spouted through an open microphone.  Conservative Christians and Jews, not to mention law-abiding atheists, in the United States respect the lives and property of others too much to deliberately destroy it.

This is not to say that American and redneck ingenuity could not be used to create explosives and blow things up, a la MacGyver.  But, the idea there is entertainment value, not to kill and scare people.

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  1. Well, that is eloquently spoken, simple truth. But I fear that truth is hardly a consideration when our species, preaching moral relativism as a good, seeks personal power…

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