Nancy Pelosi: I Can’t Thank Troops On Mother’s Day Because Of Sequestration

The inimitable San Fran Hag has added yet another casualty of sequestration to the ridiculous list of “forced cuts” created by the Democrats in their continuing effort to blame House Republicans for the budget impasse:

She can’t travel to Iraq on Mother’s Day to thank America’s moms and grandmothers for their service to our country:

“Every year for the past few years on Mother’s Day I’ve taken a delegation to Afghanistan – or Iraq – to say thank you to our moms – and by the way, our grandmothers – who are serving there – to also thank all of our troops for what they do to protect America’s families. I won’t be going this particular weekend because we don’t have – you know, under sequestration – we don’t have (inaudible).”

The pathetic charade continues, folks. Although, unlike Congress slapping down the Administration’s effort to furlough air traffic controllers, no such thing will happen here: America’s moms and grandmas in Afghanistan will be spared a visit from San Francisco’s finest.

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2 replies

  1. It’s not like she can afford to travel on her own dime. [sarc]

  2. Awww…She thought about it! She tried! (Anyone know whether she flew home for the weekend?)

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