Obama Wears Teflon; His Voters Think It’s Free…

Obama SmileThe shade of Tricky Dick Nixon hangs over the White House in the fervid imaginings of even such old pros as House Speaker John Boehner (R), who has now demanded Benghazi e-mails from the White House, allegedly under Tea Party pressure. Senator James Imhofe (R) is talking impeachment and the media, even such liberal pundits as Dana Milbank, are grumbling over the totality of Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits and the Justice Department’s raid on the Associated Press. Well, it’s supposed to help sell newspapers.

What’s going to come of it all? Nothing; Obama wears Teflon. As some Leftish writers are saying, it’s just the despicable Republicans going after their man. And as many of Rush Limbaugh’s ‘low information voters’ will tell you, it’s a lot because he’s black.

The Left controls public education and since Progressive Education was implemented in the 1930’s, has trained the electorate’s kids and increasingly controlled the dialogue. Now they control most of the major media too. Public interest in the current scandals is below average for such things, according to Gallup. What should we expect from this, a triumph of 18th century liberalism? Or what we have? For too many of today’s graduates, the American Founders are irrelevant, a bunch of elitist, rich white men with outdated, colonialist ideas. They see the President in trouble for going after the rich and powerful on their behalf and cheer him on. All else passes over their heads or is indignantly trampled under their prospectively jackbooted feet.

El Presidente isn’t taking the flailings too seriously; he reacted to the IRS brouhaha by demanding the resignation of a temporary Commissioner who was set to leave office in June and who had served only since last November after many of the allegations had occurred. He was unaware of such goings-on when they were occurring, just as ignorant as he was during Benghazi and as Attorney General Holder was of the details of the AP anschluss. The President and his Attorney General, if ignorance is bliss, are two very happy men… as content in fact, as their voters are with their services.

All this reflects an illusion conflicting with a reality in the United States. The America of the Founders was a federation of strong states with a strictly limited national government under a defining and controlling Constitution. It was designed as Founder John Adams put it, for a religious and moral people; that has become an illusion. The states are weak, not strong and too many cannot function without Federal money carrying Federal controls. The Federal government is all-encompassing, not weak and increasingly regulates and mandates the details of not only state operations but of individual lives. Where the Founder’s Constitution would interfere, the post-President Franklin Roosevelt Supreme Court ‘interprets’ it conveniently. And too many of the ‘religious and moral people’ have abandoned religion and its related morality for free sex, no responsibility and promised government entitlements. That is the reality. A further reality: This is nothing new in human affairs and remains a hallmark of decline.

A little-discussed attribute of casting off restrictive moral codes is that general morality suffers in the absence of generally accepted and socially enforced behavior. Government functionaries, just as those of the private sector, become more corrupt as the moral walls fall. The U.S. government, now run by much less religious people, is showing that process at work. It is reverting to the standard common in the rest of the world; that is a higher state of corruption. And along with that, America is also moving toward a smaller, less wealthy middle class, a larger number of the poor and a more concentrated wealthy. Another human society that was on the upper fringe of the economic distribution, is reverting to the median after rejecting the principles that led to its prosperity, cheering its leader.

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  1. Well put and descriptive of the times.

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