Oopsie! UK Climate Change Czar: Humans May Not Be Responsible For Global Warming After All (Edit)


Holy carbon offset, say it ain’t so, Al! The UK’s Energy and Climate Change czar said this week that although he still believes the earth’s temperature is rising, “natural phases” may be to blame.

Translation: We didn’t do it. (Al Gore unavailable for comment.) From The Telegraph:

Tim Yeo, an environment minister under John Major, is one of the Conservative Party’s strongest advocates of radical action to cut carbon emissions. His comments are significant as he was one of the first senior figures to urge the party to take the issue of environmental change seriously.

He insisted such action is “prudent” given the threat climate change poses to living standards worldwide. But, he said, human action is merely a “possible cause.”

Asked on Tuesday night whether it was better to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change than to prevent it in the first place, he said:

“The first thing to say is it does not represent any threat to the survival of the planet. None at all. The planet has survived much bigger changes than any climate change that is happening now. Although I think the evidence that the climate is changing is now overwhelming, the causes are not absolutely clear.

There could be natural causes, natural phases that are taking place.”

While Yeo said he believes a strong probability exists that man-made causes contribute to greenhouse gas concentrations, he made it clear that he no longer intends to ring the alarmist doomsday bell.

To be sure, Tim Yeo is not the Lone Ranger when it comes to former global warming alarmists who have seen the light; many came out before him; many will come out after.

You don’t suppose Al Gore offered a money back guarantee on those hundreds of millions of dollars worth of carbon off-sets that made him a very wealthy man, do you?

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2 replies

  1. Hmnn…I do lose track but I believe that chocolate and red wine are good for us this week. And the globe is warming, I’m pretty sure. From experience, chocolate and red wine likely will be bad for us next week and the globe will be cooling. Or not…And we should ignore the man behind the curtain along with the last 15 or 20 years of temperature stability and of course, we must hide the decline!
    I’ll drink to that as soon as I can find out the next good week for red wine…

  2. The global warming episode was Al Gore and his get richer scheme. It went over quite well….don’t ya think?

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