San Francisco Builds Taxpayer-Funded Foot Bath And Prayer Space For Muslim Cabbies


Why does the rest of the world bend over backwards to accommodate these people?

Question of the day: Can you imagine San Francisco – or any other American city – using tax-payer dollars to build a Christian prayer room? Yeah, me neither.

However, the far-left City by the Bay has no problem building a prayer station for its Muslim cabbies – and a foot bath to boot (pun intended).

As reported by, the times they are a changin’ in America – especially for Muslims. Yes, Muslim cabbies now have their very own special little place at San Francisco International Airport to wash their hands and feet before they pray. (Kinda like a “Whites Only” thing from the old segregation days.)

Under Islamic law, Muslims are required to pray five times a day – a ritual that also calls for a “ceremonial cleansing.” For many Muslim cab drivers, that’s meant either lugging bottled water around or using one of the bathrooms inside the terminal to wash – a practice not always welcomed by airport passengers. (I’m sure the foot baths will be just as “welcomed.”)

So Royal Cab driver Hasan Khan, 52, a Pakistani immigrant, collected some 300 signatures from fellow Muslim cabbies, urging the airport to give them their own cleansing station. (If we’ve learned anything over the last 12 years, it’s that when Muslims “suggest” something, they’re damn serious.)

Airport brass obliged – of course they did – and the wash equipment was installed on the ground floor of the main garage, right next to where the drivers congregate for their breaks.

“The way we look at it, this was in the interest of maintaining a good relationship with ground transportation providers,’’ says airport spokesman Doug Yakel. (Translation:
The way we look at it, this was in the interest of not pissing off the Muslims.”)

As for using public resources?

Yakel says the costs were nominal, with the work done by in-house plumbers. (Nice try, Doug; any way you slice it, taxpayer dollars were used for religious purposes.)

As for Khan, he recognizes not everyone might appreciate the religious accommodation. (Ya think, Einstein?)  But then he points out that Christians generally pray at church on Sundays – while for him and his fellow working Muslims, the ritual is woven into their daily routine. (A daily routine, by the way, which Muslims arrogantly believe the rest of the world must bend over backwards to accommodate.)

Pretending that there are Christian cab drivers (live ones) in Islamabad, what do you suppose the chances are that they have a prayer station? Hell – what would happen to them if they asked for one? I’m guessing the last two words they would hear on this earth would be “Allahu Akbar!”

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  1. To a certain extent I wouldn’t have a great problem with this overall as long as such minor things was allowed for all religious people equally. I’d rather they have their little foot bath place instead of 300 cabbies dirtying up the bathroom sink. But its the same exact people who cower and give in to every little thing when it comes to Islam who cry bloody murder if there is even a hint of a baby Jesus or manger around Christmas time and who insist that schools now get a ‘winter break’ and can’t sing carols. It is such hypocrisy which makes you want to spit in their general direction.

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