Scandal Levees Fatiguing; Will Obama Cabinet Start Sandbagging?

And now an intermezzo of relief from the Theater of Scandal:

Later in Good Morning Vietnam, Adrian Cronauer is reading the news and says:

The Mississippi River broke through a protective dike today. What is a protective dike? Is it a large woman that says “Don’t go near there! But Betty- Don’t go near there! Don’t go down by the river!”… No, we can’t say “dyke” on the air, we can’t even say “lesbian” anymore, it’s “women in comfortable shoes.”

Readers of this blog will be forgiven for picturing Janet Napolitano, but the current offering from Foggy Bottom features a different woman in comfortable shoes:

A former senior investigator with the State Department’s criminal investigative unit has turned whistleblower and alleged to both the media and Congress that senior staff within State Department covered up investigations into appalling behavior committed by members of Hillary Clinton’s security staff and our ambassador to Belgium. One of those alleged to have interfered was Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s chief of staff.  from Breitbart

Oops.  Yet another useless idiot in Hillary’s sphere.  Does she collect them or just have horrid taste in friends?

I would go to the “when it rains it pours” metaphor, but as a lifetime resident of the Mississippi River Valley, on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers this year we’re in for a summer flood.

Summer floods are not fun.  In fact, they are exhausting as they never seem to end.  They are fed by a deep snowpack melting and then one summer storm after another.  Those are the floods that break dams and dikes and put enough pressure on floodwalls that once the water recedes, they need to be replaced.  (1993 anyone?  This spring has been one of these out here.)  These are also the floods that inspire thousands of people all over to build sandbag levees to keep property damage to a minimum.

It’s hard work resulting in really sore muscles for a couple days afterwards.  Doubtful anyone in the current regime would be up for it.  But, to keep their jobs, they may try.

With not just the above coverup now on deck, but another EPA disaster involving pumping diesel fumes into a building in order to have some human subjects without going through the FDA to find out what diesel fumes do to us breaking, that gigantic, 500 year flood dam built around Obama is starting to develop boils, the signs of weakness where the flood water seeps under a levee, weakening it before it blows.

At this point, with new releases every day, the 2013 Summer of Scandal has featured:

  • The White House, where Rasputin in a skirt is paying back enemies.
  • The First Lady who could not pull the kids out of school a few days early and not insult our Chinese guests.
  • The State Department in a series of events that would make Caligula blush, especially now that sex involved.
  • The Treasury by way of the IRS denying Americans first amendment rights of all things.
  • An Attorney General who can’t remember much.
  • The Military/Army putting the screws to Christians – but not Muslims – when it comes to expressing faith (even if it’s not a hot idea to evangelize people who don’t want to hear it).
  • The EPA several times for a variety of offences.
  • The NSA/CIA/FBI who have been collecting all the information we’ve spilled outside the confessional – still not sure where the lines between them are.
  • Health and Human Services – tsk, tsk.  Never fundraise from your victims.
  • And, of course, the White House Press Secretary who has seriously been miscast and just won’t admit it.

Still waiting for Commerce, Education and Interior to offer something of substance.  Seriously, the news from the National Parks has been sparse lately.

But, it’s only June.

Even the strongest steel floodwall can’t hold back the damage when the apologists can no longer defend or explain away objectionable activity from the Obama regime.  When whatever is holding back the flood bursts, the acceleration of news is going to do a lot of damage.  Far worse than if it would happen one scandal with plenty of recovery time.

By the same token, the longer this goes on, the more desensitized we get and fatigue sets in.  After a while, we quit paying attention – and it’s not like we have warning sirens and an Emergency Broadcast System for political scandals anywhere other than the Drudge Report.  (Go through enough floods and tornadoes and you actually start paying attention to the warnings, though.)

The Summer has just begun.  Yes, anything that comes out re corruption of the regime in control, is going to add to the pressure, but don’t be surprised if they shore up the levee somehow.

Too much more of this, though, and the boils will do a lot of damage.

Who survives will be rather fascinating.

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