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The Government As A Jealous Girlfriend

Now I actually found this fairly amusing. This administration has definitely opened itself up to mockery even though the subject matter itself is in fact far from funny. But on the other hand, you almost have to laugh to keep oneself from sinking into a chronic depression or catatonic state as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ is now evidently completely dominated and governed by people who think nothing of  building multi-billion dollar facilities devoted to spying on American citizens and tracking and recording  every word on the internet and every thought expressed in email.

I do not buy for one second that such things are merely designed and devoted to rooting out Akmed the unruly Pashtun in the back wilds of Pakistan. That may be the excuse, but that may very quickly not be the reality if the powers-that-be decide they’d rather turn their sights on you or me. Such a vast and powerful all-knowing, all-seeing intelligence gathering ‘entity’ in the wrong hands, whether now or later, would indeed be the death knell for the Republic and constitutional liberty as we know it. Can you see such an intelligence weapon being turned on American gun owners if a few folks get a bit trigger happy somewhere along the way? Such scenarios are not that far-fetched and likely more fact than fiction.

TokenLibertarianGirl is awesome and in her kinda nerdy way does a great job making the case that certain things are simply not the government’s business. Even if the government having “it” is supposedly for your “own good.” In our culture, becoming the wide-spread focus of mockery and derision can be far more devastating and emasculating than thousands of “serious” analytical articles and editorials. But when you combine both, it makes it even worse. At the moment the Obama administration has been nothing but a clown car loaded with scandals, petty tyrannies, and revelations and getting hammered from every direction. It will be very interesting to see how this all works out.

And, by the way, nobody let our little youtube sensation know that I actually do have a Star Wars action figure collection. I don’t think that’s any of her business or Obama’s for that matter. Do you? Shhh…. let’s just keep that between you and me… and our friends at the NSA.


Hey Obama, can you hear me now? (: And, if it’s not too much to ask, don’t drone me bro!
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