Clearing the Smoke a Little

obama kingSomething has been very odd in this spring’s  Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal.  The coincidence of multiple scandals breaking through leaks and whistleblowers cannot be one.  Neither can be yanking the chains of regular Americans by planting the seeds of doubt regarding trust in service providers, let alone government, and the revelation that an arm of our government has been used as a partisan tool of the regime in charge.

As one scandal after another broke, and more and more people stood hanging with their mouths open at the sheer audacity of the Obama White House and cabinet officers who expected us to believe that they can’t remember details of directives or that they weren’t called when an ambassador was attacked, several of us wondered how we could have come to this.

The answer might well be found in the opinion pieces written by Joseph Schmitz, a former Department of Defense Inspector General.  It seems that in yet another Obama dereliction of duty, he failed to nominate inspectors general – the people who hold the rest of the departments accountable – to Labor, Interior, Defense, Homeland Security, and at the Agency for International Development.

The IG we saw in the beginning of the IRS hearings, Treasury’s Mr. George, was a 2004 Bush appointee.  The news he delivered was devastating, but there’s no reason to kill the messenger, especially when he provides considerable detail that the people being investigated don’t have.  Likewise, State’s acting IG, according to Mr. Schmitz, was stymied from proper job function by the ceasation of several investigations of late.  CBS caught wind of this and this quote appears in a piece by Mr. Schmitz found in this morning’s National Review Online:

According to an internal State Department Inspector General’s memo, several recent investigations were influenced, manipulated, or simply called off. The memo obtained by CBS News cited eight specific examples. Among them: allegations that a State Department security official in Beirut “engaged in sexual assaults” on foreign nationals hired as embassy guards and the charge that members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail ‘engaged prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries’ — a problem the report says was “endemic.”

Houston, we may have found at least part of the problem – at least why whistleblowers are popping up like dandelions after a good wind.

Inspectors General are congressionally mandated to perform the function of oversight, and by extension, accountability.  By not appointing competent, non-partisan, thorough people to those posts, the Obama machine blatantly demonstrates its contempt for the rule of law.

That Obama and Valerie Jarrett may not actually know anyone who could fill those positions is another matter.  Such people have to be honest and have the ability to think without emotion.  That’s not part of the Obama Regime skill set.

Mr. Schmitz calls all the scandals smoke and mirrors.  Other blogs have mentioned the possible intentional scandal fatigue put on by the administration using sacrificial lambs.  What is being covered-up by all of it is a matter of conjecture still.  Benghazi can’t be all of it.  (And we still don’t know what Chris Stevens was really doing in Libya the night he was killed.)

What is more interesting, though, is the outright irresponsibility and disdain of Obama (or whoever is handling him) of not appointing watchdogs mandated by law.  Talk about arrogance.

Cabinet departments don’t need accountability?  Who died and made him king?

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