Democrat Senate Candidate: ‘It’s Really Not Math; It’s Just Arithmetic’

Wait – what? Democrat Rep. Ed Markey, who is seeking the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated when John Kerry became Secretary of State, straightened out his Republican opponent, Gabriel Gomez, in a debate last night over a question about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“It’s really not math. It’s just arithmetic. It’s very simple arithmetic. It’s not as complicated as math,” Markey said regarding the pipeline, which he opposes and Gomez supports.

Obviously, Markey should remain in the House with his pals Hank “Guam Is Tipping Over” Johnson and Sheila Jackson “North And South Vietnam Are Living Peacefully Side By Side” Lee.

Although, come to think of of it, maybe Ed’s the perfect replacement for John “I Actually Did Vote For The Bill Before I Voted Against It” Kerry. Nah, I’m pulling for Gomez.

In Markey’s defense, Democrats have always had a problem with math – er – arithmetic – er – I’m confused. I wonder if my first grade teacher is still alive? I have a question.

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  1. While I understand that conservatives cannot tell the difference, as an engineer I know exactly what your latest victim Markey meant. Arithmetic doesn’t really count as “Math” once you get to where you have to use symbols, i.e. algebra and up. Since that is beyond your understanding, I won’t even bother trying to explain how calculus and higher maths fit into this scheme, but Markey is very much right – arithmetic is the least part of math, a subtlety lost on your ideologically blinded, fact-free, oxymoronic (or just plain moronic) “conservative excellence”.

    If you are going to make fun of someone, at least find out whether what he said actually made more sense than what you say…

    • “While I understand that conservatives cannot tell the difference, as an engineer I know exactly what your latest victim Markey meant.”

      I always love it when liberals come out of the gate with condescension right off the bat.

      Sorry, look up the definitions. Arithmetic is math. PERIOD. (Saying “arithmetic is math” vs. saying “math is arithmetic” are two entirely different statements, aren’t they?)

      And, guess what else? I don’t know much about calculus and trigonometry ON PURPOSE. Don’t need to – as long as those in positions that require said knowledge know it.

      A liberal calling a conservative “ideologically blinded” is hilarious, by the way; thanks for the laugh.

      P.S. Nice typical bitter liberal ending to your comment, as well. Thanks for playing.

      • Wow, which piece of the elephant are you playing with? If everybody knew even basic arithmetic, you would have a lot smaller audience, since so little of the arguments I read in here even add up.

  2. The issue is not complex – should the Canadian oil go into the United States, or should it go to west coast of Canada and be shipped to China?

    The Democrat appears to have the interests of China as his guide. The idea of jobs comming to the United States (both in building the pipeline and in the oil industry) seems to anger him – all jobs must be in China.


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