Is Obama Making Stew With The Sacrificial Lambs?

MorellToday’s roadkill found under a bus in Foggy Bottom: Michael Morell, Assistant Director of the “Central Intelligence Agency.”

As Capt. Bart Mancuso in The Hunt for Red October said, there’s a contradiction in terms- especially after today’s move.

Mr. Morell claims in the strongest language possible through a written statement that he really is quitting to “spend some time with his family.”

Oh, come on, we’ve heard that one often enough, my dogs don’t even believe it unless Morell’s wife just had triplets.  (And somehow I doubt that.)

Current CIA Director John Brennan, reportedly a convert to Islam and a figure multiple people in Washington were REALLY not happy about being nominated let alone confirmed Director of the CIA, released his own statement saying:

“I was most looking forward to … the opportunity to work side-by-side once again with Michael Morell,” said Brennan, noting that they’d begun their careers at the CIA in 1980. “As much as I would selfishly like to keep Michael right where he is for as long as possible, he has decided to retire to spend more time with his family and to pursue other professional opportunities.”  Source: ABC News

Sure you were, Mr. Brennan.  Mr. Morell actually worked in the CIA under Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and your two immediate predecessors, and after 33 years and two stints as acting director he suddenly decides to spend more time with family and “pursue other professional opportunities” – a full decade before his 65th birthday?

How stupid do Brennan and his overlords think we are?

And then, we find out that Morell’s replacement won’t be anyone from inside the intelligence system, familiar with how information is gathered and analyzed, but Avril Haines, a woman 11 years Morell’s junior and White House deputy assistant and deputy counsel for national security affairs since 2010.

Oh, yeah, I feel safer now.

Having gone through leadership transitions – and on one occasion meeting the new CEO and having the gut instinct to run – those statements do not work. This smells to rotting vegetation in an open storm drain on a hot, humid day.

It seems that Morell is being kicked to the curb for making the final edits on Susan Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points. There’s a lot of details that conflict on what he removed and why, but it is plain that Morell was the last to handle what is going to keep Rice from being Secretary of State.

And then there was this:

Immediately upon the announcement of Morell’s resignation, President Barack Obama named him to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Oh, no.  No “go away” deal there, regardless of Morell being passed over for the top CIA job twice under this regime, a place he dutifully put in his dues to achieve, and which, by tradition, could well have been his.

While I thank Mr. Morell for his service and wish him the very best in spending time with his family and a REALLY good paying job in the private sector, as an American, this move really makes me nervous.  The people in charge of the most potent intelligence agency this country has have suspect dossiers and one of them very little experience in the field.

To quote Princess Leia when the Millennium Falcon landed in Cloud City, I don’t like this.

Michael Morell is yet another seemingly competent career government employee thrown to the wolves by this administration.  Whatever the real motive, being the last person to touch the Benghazi talking points can’t be all there is to it.  This guy had access to the whole kit and kaboodle of what the Obama machine was up to overseas.  Wonder what he would have to say under oath….

Yep, Mr. Morell had to go.  Yet another sacrificial lamb chewed up and spit out.

P.s. It all might have been more believable had there been a press conference.  What, Brennan couldn’t fake being sad?

P.p.s.  Uh, Barack and Rasputin, I mean Valerie, if there’s any one government entity you don’t want to collectively piss off,  it’s the CIA.  I’d say watch your step as you just knocked off one of their own, but you two aren’t going to listen.

For more info on Michael Morell, The Daily Beast offered this bio in November.   Tilted left, but there’s good info there.

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  1. A nice observation, underlined by the absence of interest in the subject from most of the ‘professional’ reporters…

    It suggests the more general subject of how well the Civil Service (introduced by the Progressives to protect government workers from political interference) is doing what it was created to do, these days…
    (I admit some suspicions, especially since the IRS surfaced)


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