“The Truth Shall Make Us Free!” (If We’re Willing To Face It)

Liars Clapper Lies reports the head of America’s CIA, the nation’s boss spy, lying to Congress in public.

Holder Lies chronicles the dishonesty (or at least, some of it) of Americas’s top law enforcement officer.    

Carney Lies describes the perhaps, to be expected truth-dodging indulged in by the official White House spokesman in his daily whitewashes.

Obama Lies is a sampling from the top man (who appointed the others), the guy who speaks for these United States, presenting our face to the world.

These are the men to whom we, the voters, have handed the government of this country, the men we have chosen to lead us and to be our face to the world. If we have elected and reelected liars and scalawags, then we are enabling lying and corruption. Enablers bear the same responsibility as those who commit the wrongs they enable. Democratic governments do in fact, represent their voters, or at least, most of them. We have elected two consecutive administrations of lying Democrats. What then, are we?

What is the cure, the antidote to be pursued, the means for returning America to its former status as the beacon of freedom and progress? It starts with us, the voters. We knew these men were liars; we wanted something from them and willingly tolerated that as a price we were willing to pay. We must act again as mature adults instead of dependent children; only then can we expect ot identify and elect mature adults to govern us.

That’s easy, right? Just elect the Republicans! Unfortunately, easy and mature adults aren’t often combined in reality, where we are forced to live, though we like to let our politicians pretend otherwise. And a reality that we might recall is that Republican House Speaker Boehner Lies… 

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