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Shark Tanks and Foggy Bottom Amnesia: The SPECTRE of Washington

And now a peek at SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion or SPECTRE made famous by Ian Fleming and more famous by Sean Connery.

Trivia question: does Valerie Jarrett have a cat?

More disturbing than the trend of MSM NOT reporting it, is the number of high ranking, career government employees and servants (Inspectors General and their staffs) being told to resign or be fired under the current executive regime.

Last week, I wrote piece regarding Michael Morell, second in command at the Central Intelligence Agency and well-respected by those in Washington as a competent employee, resigning from the CIA “to spend more time with his family” a euphemism no one, and I mean no one, believes in this country anymore.

Yesterday, American Thinker’s Clarice Feldman wrote of several Inspectors General who have self-reported doing their jobs, exposing corruption (or trying to) only to be told (by whom has not always been revealed, but the implication is it’s coming from the White House) to cease and desist, resign or be fired.

We also know that at least six Inspector General seats remain vacant, meaning there is no oversight in a third of the cabinet departments, one of which is Homeland Security.  Another is Defense.  No fox, I guess, just the hen-houses – AND ONE OF THEM CONTROLS THE US MILITARY!

The Attorney General and the Director of the FBI have developed pretty severe cases of Foggy Bottom Amnesia, which may turn out to be lifesaving.  Who knew not having recall was a prerequisite for a cabinet head?

And, of course, there was John Roberts’ really strange ObamaCare ruling which, like the death of Pope John Paul I, has always been rumored to be less than natural.

All this adds up to…well, nothing since names are not being named and the MSM is pretty much ignoring all it unless the letters I R and S are attached.

One thing that is clear, though, the upper levels of permanent government employees – the people who maintain the continuum throughout the changing of presidents and the ones who know the ropes and ins and outs of the job after coming up through the system, even under Bill Clinton – are being neutralized and gutted in the lame duck term.

Valerie Jarrett did say the people who stood in their way would pay.

If we didn’t believe this republic was in trouble before, we should all be terrified for its survival now.

It’s not unusual for changes in executives to bring  changes in personnel.  Each one has a different vision and acts according to that vision, plan or no.  But, a job like President of the United States is really a lot like that of an archbishop – for the most part, the staff is in place, but there are a few jobs that need to go to very trusted people, so sometimes you bring your own.  It takes a while to get to know the employees in place who are a little lower than the figureheads at the top of the totem poles.  The actual people who make things happen.  Those of us who make the president or CEO look good.  The employees who have taken decades to build rapport with contacts and other staff.  When the skipper starts replacing THOSE individuals with friends and relatives who have little or no experience, contacts or rapport, and doesn’t care about losing the skill level and partnerships, the entire thrust of the venture changes.

What Michael Morell and Inspectors General including Gerald Walpin, Amtrak IG Fred Weiderhold, Treasury special IG Neil Barofsky, and International Trade Commission IG Judith Gwynn have in common is a love for this country and a willingness to serve her in a less than thankless task.  They are now all gone from their posts either by force or less than gentle encouragement.

That sort of good, competent government employee is being tossed aside in favor of protecting cronies and taking advantage of power that was never meant to be absolute.  The installation of people from the inner circle and sanctum of the Obama regime into cabinet department posts without oversight of any sort just makes this worse.  And from the inside, those who are left, who are willing to stand up and counter the overlords because they do have some semblance of right and wrong, God help them.  Please.

They’re going to need it.

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