Moronic Race-Baiting Chicago Teachers Union Boss Blames ‘Rich White People’ For Windy City’s School Woes


Wait – she was Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars, right?

Who would’ve ever thought that the Chicago Teachers Union president would blame the Windy City’s hemorrhaging of money, failing to educate students and laying off teachers by the hundreds on “rich white people”? Other than me, I mean.

As reported by, Chicago Teachers Union President (and racist jackass) Karen Lewis is full of excuses as to why the city’s schools are hemorrhaging money, failing to educate students, and laying off teachers by the hundreds.

During a recent speech to the City Club of Chicago, Lewis focused on her two most inflammatory excuses for CPS’ failures: “racism” and “rich white people.” (What a shock.)

“When are we going to address the elephant in the room? When will there be an honest conversation about the poverty, racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of a quality education product in our school system?

When will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos – no matter what the parents’ income or education level?”

Memo to Karen: “Rich white people” built this country, and, by the grace of God, they no longer discriminate against you and your “people”, as Eric Holder calls them. Check out the statistics, you uninformed moron.

The obviously-bitter Lewis then proceeded to fan the (pretend) flames of racism by accusing “venture capitalists” of using “little black and brown children as stage props at one press conference while announcing they want to fire, layoff or lock up their parents at another press conference.”

Really, Karen? Listen, if you want to learn anything about children being used as stage props, see: “Barack Obama: Sandy Hook.”

Of course, after blaming the the failure of the Chicago school system on white people and calling for billions in new taxes, Lewis pushed back against the perception that she’s a far-left extremist.

“There is nothing radical about me other than I want each and every student in Chicago to get the best education we have to offer – an equal education.”

Yeah, that – and the fact that the whole urban black anti-education thing is over your head. But, hey – if the teachers union gig is too much of a drag, you can always get a job with MSNBC.

Um, as a reminder: This is the same teachers union that receives either the highest or second highest compensation in the nation, left 40,000 children out of school indefinitely due to a strike last fall and turned down a 16% raise offered in September because it just wasn’t enough. Sounds to me like there is a lot more going on than “white supremacy.”

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4 replies

  1. Good grief. She is frightening in every way imaginable.

  2. What would really be frightening is if she was an actual teacher. However, I seriously doubt that she is. Oh, she may have been at one time, for a short period, but most union leaders like her are professional rabble-rousers who have practically no experience in the trade they represent. They’re pimps.

  3. She’d fit right in as President of Zimbabwe, or maybe Venezuela or the Central African Republic…

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