Hysterical: Salon Loon Declares Fox News ‘Stable For Journalists Who Have Fallen On Hard Times’


It’s no secret that bitter liberals (wait – that’s redundant) hate Fox News. From worn-out declarations of “Fox lies!” to silly claims that Fox is not a “real” news organization (including those made by Obama), their desperate attempts to discredit the number-one cable news network in the nation are hilarious.

None more hilarious than Salon political reporter and left-wing loon Alex Seitz-Wald, who last week characterized Fox as “a stable for journalists who have fallen on hard times.” Yeah, he really said that.

Seitz-Wald most recently got his left-wing panties in a wad over the announcement that Howard Kurtz, former Daily Beast Washington bureau chief and CNN “Reliable Sources” host, has moved to Fox to host its “Fox News Watch” program.

“Fox News and Howard Kurtz may be a good match, not only because the conservative news network has become a stable for journalists who have fallen on hard times, but because the former Daily Beast Washington bureau chief has long been more generous to the network than many of his fellow media critics.”

Translation: Howard Kurtz has failed to toe the left-wing line – like Seitz-Wald and the rest of his liberal lapdog pals on the “progressive” plantation.

Seitz-Wald’s disdain for Kurtz goes much deeper than his move to Fox, by the way:

“Kurtz took Sean Hannity’s side in his battle with Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison after the Fox host called the congressman an Islamic ‘radical’ comparable to the Ku Klux Klan. He defended the network after the Shirley Sherrod scandal.

He downplayed News Corp.’s $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association. He favorably profiled anchors Bill Hemmer, Shepard Smith and Megyn Kelly, along with chieftain Roger Ailes. He seemed to take the network’s side in its dispute with former host Glenn Beck. He declared that Karl Rove is ‘generally fair-minded in his commentary.’”

In other words, Kurtz is a real journalist, you moron.

Real journalists are not tolerated by the left-wing media, who see their jobs as carrying water and flying wingman for Obama. Hell, MSNBC might as well change it’s name to “ONN” – Obama News Network and give Tingles a cabinet position.

Anyway, if Fox News truly is a haven for journalists who have fallen on hard times, one would think that Fox itself has fallen on hard times as well, right? Au contraire. Here’s a representative example of daily cable news viewership, as reported by Drudge:

foxNot only has “The Factor” (hosted by “failed journalist” Bill O’Reilly) been the number one cable news program for the last 13 years, Fox News has crushed the competition 11 years running.

Even more amazing, Fox has dominated all comers with a stable full of failed journalists. Pretty impressive, huh?

As for Seitz-Wald; you don’t think he stands on his head when he reads the ratings, do you? Jackass.

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