MSNBC Loons Upset Paula Deen ‘Scandal’ Distracts From ‘Racist’ Aunt Jemima Logo

I’m telling you folks, much more of this “racist this” and “racist that” nonsense and my head is going to explode. On MSNBC (where else?) Thursday, moonbeam extraordinaire Melissa Harris-Perry actually fretted that Aunt Jemima is still selling pancakes. Aunt Jemima. A picture on a box of pancake mix.

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Remember when the Washington Bullets were forced to change their team name – because “bullet” had a negative connotation – only to then be criticized for becoming the “Wizards” – because a certain organization with the initials “KKK” was fond of calling its leaders by roughly the same moniker?

So, here we are – in 2013 – and not only is Paula Deen being dragged through the mud nonstop for using the “n-word” 30 years ago, but the left now appears to be in total meltdown over anything and everything it can remotely label as “racist.” (See: Tingles, Michael Eric Dyson.)

Case in point: As reported by, the host and guests of MSNBC’s Now got their panties in a collective bunch over Paula Deen. Not – mind you – because Deen had used the “n-word” 30 years ago. But – because the Deen “scandal” distracts from so many other racist aspects of American life – from the Cleveland Indians’ mascot to the Washington Redskins’ name to Aunt Jemima breakfast products.

Demos vice president Heather McGhee kicked off the hilarity:

“I actually have a little problem with the fact that the right is going to use this to say that, you know, here’s another victim of the, sort of, you know, black backlash. Actually, what it does is it sets up that what racism is now is just using the ‘n-word,’ and in fact there is so much more that is racist today in our way that corporations have power in the country to do things like, you know, ALEC and voter ID laws.”

(Wait – I know liberals pretend to think that voter ID laws are racist, but they also think evil corporations are to blame for them?)

“There is so much more that is structural and unconscious about racism that isn’t just a Southern woman using the ‘n-word’ among her friends.”

As one might imagine, that was all it took for Melissa Harris-Perry to kick it up a notch:

“I could understand why she’d be confused given the Aunt Jemima box and given the Popeye’s – like – it’s also to say that there’s a weird way in which she becomes the thing onto which we can cast all of our anxiety. Because then we don’t have to cope with fact that the Cleveland Indians have a sambo Indian as their identity, and that the Washington Redskins are using the language of the redskin, and that Aunt Jemima may have a perm but it’s still selling pancakes and this ‘Southern mystique’ though food.”

(Like I said earlier, you can’t make this stuff up. Although, I do hope poor Melissa finds a way to “cope” with the Cleveland Indians.)

Harris-Perry added that Deen may be “genuinely confused about what constitutes racism” when “we accept so much racism in our food industry.”

Memo to Melissa: We also “accept so much racism” from race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan (although, I guess Calypso Lewie is more of an anti-Semite) and the New Black Panthers Party. In fact, we accept it from you and your MSNBC pals every time you attack a black conservative. (See: Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Herman Cain) But, hey – you’re “entitled,” right?

Anyway, now food is racist. Who knew? Except for Melissa and her pals, of course.

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2 replies

  1. It doesn’t matter what some Honkey White Cracker say. The Blacks want day cake and wantz to eat it too.

    Blacks have targeted whites for as long or longer then whites have done things the media has said is against Blacks.

    Blacks want to be Free to Beat up on Crackers, but don’t want the Crackers to be able to Fight Back. That’s what it all boils down to.

  2. At some point you “children” need to grow up. I KNOW for a FACT that among all the millions of people in this country Paula Deen is not the ONLY person that has used the “N” word.over the years. Nor suggest using “aunt Jamima” as a costume. Explain to me why SHE’S the only one being crucified?

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