R-E-S-P-E-C-T Starts with the Woman in the Mirror

Balc chick

This post is dedicated to the ladies at a certain cafe in St. Charles, Missouri, who serve others all day, every day in long shorts and running shoes, are a bit rough and tumble, and yet still manage to wear feminine tops, style their hair, do their nails, and make up their faces.  Good for you, girls.

Where to start?

When this picture appeared as one of a collection of images from the Texas 20-week abortion ban fight, right after revulsion, my first instinct was, how can any woman disrespect herself enough to go into public looking like that?

The placard is bad enough, but shaved head, no make-up, bitten off nails, tats…well, tats.  At least “she” is wearing a bra.  I think.

Is this what “liberal” women want the world to think females should look like?  Is it the feminist goal to present the female form and our natural, softer looks in the worst light possible?

It’s bad enough that liberalish women take plain jane-ism to extremes, but jeez.

Seriously, give everyday leftist women a look-over sometime and note the hair that may or may not be styled, usually short with an androgynous cut, and dry ends; minimal make-up if at all, even the truly natural looking foundations that a lot of us prefer, not even mascara or lip treatments; unkempt brows and upper lip hair; shirts and PANTS (always pants) that are ill-fitting and are not meant to flatter anyone; short, unpolished nails on rough hands; when in sandals (never heels, either), callused feet with the same sort of toe nails, half the time with fungus.  It’s enough to make girly girls weep.  Even jewelry, when worn, is minimal even if their earrings dangle.  And then there’s the tats….

Call me a feminine snob, but there it is.  Womyn/liberal females/feminists who do not respect themselves enough to maintain any sort of ladylike appearance that would inspire inspiration or R-E-S-P-E-C-T from those of us who make the effort and take the time and spare the expense (or men, for that matter), should not expect our regard in return.

Even if they are technically human females.

We all have our floor scrubbing clothes, and our workout clothes and leisure items meant for comfort (and, yes, the elastic and spandex wonders that give us shape come off the second we walk through the front door at home), but those articles have a purpose, and are just not worn to political rallies.  Or to the store.  Or to work.  It’s a matter of dressing for the respect we wish to command.  Want to be treated like a lady, which seems to be the root of the dysfunction that is the feminist mindset?  Respect yourself enough to present yourself as one.

Not all lady-like women go the whole nine yards with skin, hair and nails, but they know how to hide the flaws, not flaunt them.  It’s doable.

And then to demand a surgical procedure that betrays the very purpose of women all day, every day, without apology (or oversight) and without considering that the original backers of legalized unborn child killing MADE UP THEIR “FACTS” adds to the insult.  (These womyn are not doing their homework, either.  ARGH!)  The number of females (not just the one in the photo above) in the images of the Texas protests who fit the definition of hag was unreal.  What are they doing with their lives?  Hanging out in tattoo parlors looking for a no strings attached hook-up?

It is very unladylike to have to write such a screed, but these females cannot possibly respect themselves if they are asking for unfettered access to what undermines women everywhere and looking like escapees from a bad prison movie or Franciscan-wannabe-without-the-sacrifice compounds.  It’s really not that hard to respect oneself enough to present an appealing image.

Seriously, the person above is NOT reflective of American women who respect themselves.  We may seem like throwbacks to another era to the womyn who present themselves as hardened females who got a bum rap in life, but at least we know we made an effort.  That prison look is just lazy.

The idea is to make it look effortless, not no effort put in.

Now, if my readers will excuse me, I’m late for my mani-pedi.

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7 replies

  1. Personally, i’ve always found it difficult to respect anyone who has no respect for themselves but, what do I know.

  2. Notice her sign says “FREE abortion…” We are supposed to respect her AND pay for her personal choice!

  3. That’s a woman? You’re sure? Did you do a chromosome test? She (giving you the benefit of the considerable doubt) comprises the best birth control imaginable. If more women looked like that, there’d be no need for abortions.

    I’m not sure whether she/he/it lacks self-esteem though, or instead has such a surfeit of same that it has obscured reality from her/his/its sight. Que lastima!


  1. The beauty of women… | Thoughts from a Zen Mormon

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