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Campy Theater of Scandal Production in Development: Hillary Returns, Part…I’ve Lost Track

Hillary Clinton testifies

So, the unrelated super PACs, friends of, and other various associated leftist political non-profits (none of whom had to wait for 501 status) have started the “Hillary for President” explorations that lead to a presidential run.

According to her, uh, husband, she’s not thinking about that right now (but if all their friends want to try to make hopefulness a reality without her lifting a finger in public, great).


If any non-brain dead person out there doesn’t believe that Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, has taken her eyes off the prize of the Oval Office, they’re blind, and deaf…or delusional.

What makes the possibility of a Hillary run dangerously frightening is not that she is all that strong a candidate or that she is married to a certified horn-dog.  No, what makes the rumblings scary is that with the disaster that is Barack Obama constantly screwing up, Hillary is a known entity who is not particularly identified with the current administration.  She’s been vetted, and those who vote democrat are comfortable with her regardless of…well, her baggage.

The devil you know, and all that.

After over 20 years of the Clintons being a part of the national political landscape, and not having to work their way up from the bottom so much, but having cherry picked some pretty plumb positions, the grifters just won’t go away.

The Clintons also, whether we on the right want to admit it or not, are LOVED by their following.  So loved, that anything casting either of them in a bad light is dismissed as being sour grapes, regardless of what the little tidbit may be, or how damning it is.  And half of them have never heard the word “Benghazi.”

That should make the release of details related to the State Department overseas horn-dog prowling for underage prostitutes that was swept under rugs, rubber mats and astroturf by Hillary’s minions interesting.

Seriously, everywhere the Clintons go, kinky sex is part of the landscape.  Can’t they be normal Foggy Bottom sorts and just have regular affairs with staffers?

Hillary herself might not notice because she’s used to it.  Unfortunately, so are her disciples.  Bill’s bimbo eruptions desensitized a whole generation of democrats to sex as a vice.

Such a little reality may well make today’s news – the law firm representing the State Department Sex Escapades whistleblower was burglarized, Watergate plumber style – useless in breaking the faithful out of their trance.   With the Clintons, it is to be expected.  (This is more Clinton style than Obama.  No blackmail is involved.)

Said law firm didn’t have a super secret secure floor like all the other defense firms have with the sensitive stuff behind two doors with combination locks?  Or did they…

Not that this potential blockbuster is going to go too far with the watchdogs panting after Hillary and her horn-dog, but the Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal is trying to float a red herring, it seems.  And give hope to leftists who see all their dreams falling apart due to the buffoon in the White House and his entourage.

The sycophants are trying to resurrect the couple that they see as saviors, and we get to watch.  Again.

Anybody else tired of sequels?

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  1. I’ve had Clinton fatigue for over 20 years now. Can’t these people just go away? Please.

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