Russell Simmons: Guilty Or Not, Zimmerman ‘Will Ultimately Be Punished’ For Trayvon’s Death


Racist Moron

Did you – or anyone – really believe that when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama called for “justice” – 15 seconds after the Trayvon Martin shooting – they were honestly calling for justice?

Of course not. They were calling for the indictment, trial and conviction of George Zimmerman for the “murder” of the “victim” – of whom Obama “waxed eloquently”: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Let’s be honest: the New Black Panthers, Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tingles Matthews, Michael Eric Dyson, the rest of MSNBC and Barack Obama don’t give a DAMN whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not – they want him to “pay” for the “murder” of St. Skittles – er – Trayvon Martin. End of story.

Anyone who believes otherwise is either naive, delusional, lying or all three.

In addition to the aforementioned judge, jury and executioners of George Zimmerman, add (racist) hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who wrote in a HuffPo piece Monday:


“Whether George Zimmerman is found innocent or guilty by the jury, I am a firm believer that all of us live by karmic law, and he will ultimately be punished for the death of Trayvon, no matter what.”

Really, Russell? “Karmic law”? For “all of us”? What – exactly – does that mean? Justice? Or retribution? Even if the individual you deem should be “punished” is not only acquitted, but is innocent? For what, then, should he be punished? The color of his skin – or that of Trayvon? Is that the “no matter what” part, Russell, you racist moron?

In the event that George Zimmerman is acquitted – or “walks” – as many on the left are already describing it, which appears more than likely, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will be the reaction. Violence? Riots? Retribution? That remains to be seen, but Florida law enforcement agencies are preparing for the worst. With good reason.

After all, “justice” must be served. Racist jackasses.

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4 replies

  1. Wow. In my opinion, it takes an awful lot of arrogance, self-delusion, and pomposity to rise to the levels of Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson, but I believe Simmons has stooped enough to have achieved it. He’s merely another celebrity, whose words ought to be chuckled at, and tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage. Sadly, people still seem to think he’s a leader of sorts.
    The whole thing makes me wonder if he forces those around him to genuflect for him as well.

  2. The majority (99%) of all the Blacks I have met, were All Racist full of Hate for Whitey, and it made no difference if I said Hi to them or not. I was attempting to be respectful, and they would have none of it.

    I believe the majority are all Heathens, Low Life’s and any other derogatory remark one can think of. They are full of Hate because they were Bread to Hate. They are being used as a Tool for the NWO Super Rich Elite to accomplish a goal. The Goal is Divide and Conquer. Create a reason for Government to come out in force to take over our streets and our country when the time is right.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Martin Luther Kind would have seen this coming, and he would have been shot again for the same reason, speaking up about the Elite who are pushing the races to war against each other.

    Dr. King Knew what I said above far too well, and he tried to tell the Blacks around him who would listen the same thing, that the Rich Elite / Government was our enemy, Not Whitey.

    We are all being used as pawns, to be pushed around, to bring about an End Result, and that is the complete over throw of America, and Ultimately the World.

  3. It’s a lynching at Zimmerman’s expense to cater to the Democrats’ black clients. It’s also the other book-end to the O.J. Simpson trial where the black killer of a white (or two) went free; this time, the script demands the white killer of a black, hang. Balance, right?

    We don’t know the juror’s names…but do you doubt that the White House knows them? Surprising, if not. And I’ll bet poor George will have a hard time adding to any life insurance he may have.

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