Foggy Bottom Casting Change: One of the Inmates Escapes

NappyIt’s Freaky and Frightening Federal Friday!


Today, Janet Napolitano, a book smart woman otherwise barely qualified to serve in her appointed position, announced that she is stepping down from her post as Secretary of Homeland Security to take the reigns at the University of California, a system that has it’s own security issues, and much better professional sports than Washington, D.C.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

Reaction and statements from all over the political spectrum are still filtering into the blogs and other social media, and what is being said is to be expected from each side.  Townhall is maintaining a running list.

When anyone resigns from public office, there are thanks and accolades, but let us remember a few things about Ms. Napolitano’s tenure:

  • Racial profiling of travelers was expressly forbidden, even if the majority…okay, all in recent years…of whack-jobs who have either tried to blow up planes or have succeeded had the same religious bent, and were all from the same part of the world.
  • The southern border became SO porous, not that it wasn’t before, that the violence in the drug infested provinces south of it crossed the Rio Grande as well as the territory to the west, spilled over and nothing in the national strategy for dealing with such violence changed.  It was ignored and laws meant to protect us were not enforced.  When at least one governor of the border states – Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California (some of us actually know our geography) – tried to enforce the law that Napolitano should have done, she got her hand slapped.  And, of course we still need a fence. Alligators and rattlesnakes are optional.
  • When “Superstorm Sandy,” a lower grade hurricane that happened to come ashore at high tide struck the greater New York metropolitan area, rather than request the help of the largest standing military in the world to clean up and get shelters built, said force was sent to the harbor outside the city for a photo op.  Oh, yeah, that’s efficient use of resources.

Speaking of traveling – as one gentleman of my acquaintance put it, “It’s no fun to fly anymore.”  Not when you get strip searched before getting on a plane.  Wearing skimpy clothing to go through security at the nation’s airports was not a fashion statement, but a political one.  And to top it off, the treatment of families like my brother’s who flew with an infant and had to have bottles of formula checked, elderly men and women who are hassled, as well as the extra pat downs of people with joint replacements due to them setting off the metal detectors, is downright rude.  These people have done nothing wrong AND THEY PAY THE SECRETARY’S SALARY.

While Janet Napolitano’s escape, uh, departure is no great loss, to be honest, the more frightening prospect is what Valerie Jarrett, I mean Obama, is going to prop in her place.  The last few cabinet appointments replacing the first round of secretaries have gone from bad to worse.  Don’t expect this one to be any different.

Yes, we are losing the Secretary of Homeland Security (a job actually better done by locals), but the University of California is getting a non-profiler to oversee a system of racial and sexist quotas as well as a person who, in her last two major jobs, relied strictly on tax dollars for revenue.  University level donor development is not the same as levying new taxes, regardless of what Sacramento does.  (State cash and tuition never totally makes ends meet in universities.  And funds donated to any one athletic department are restricted, so there is no raiding the budgets of schools and their programs to feed someone else in the system.)

It’s a whole new world.

We on the right actually do wish Ms. Napolitano the best in her new endeavor – and invite the sane people of California to take refuge here in the midwest, just so long as Reaganite voting habits come with the move.

(Relocated Californians are turning this state purple and flipped Colorado!)

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  1. California was once a conservative place; the LA Times was a conservative paper. Now, it isn’t and provides homes for Washington castoff’s rewards after doing the government’s dirty work. Best recall that Nappy didn’t invent the TSA, Bush did. .

  2. This is a fantastic site article, im thrilled I came across it. Ill be back down the monitor to check out additional posts in which

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