Foggy Bottom Search for Benghazi’s Supporting Cast

Benghazi-Cover-upSo far in the 2013 Summer Theater of Scandal now showing in the drained swamp we call Washington, very few installments of Benghazi-gate have made their way to the red carpet and lights that catch the attention of the public.  We’ve been told that this is because the other scandals – IRS, ObamaCare roll-out, etc. – affect the everyday lives of Americans and Behghazi doesn’t, so therefore there really isn’t much interest and Congress is going to concentrate on what actually has legs, so to speak, rather than do Iran-Contra all over again.  (I don’t know that the last part came up, but when we finally do find out the truth, that’s about the impact it’s going to have on everyday life.)

Not much has been said about it, but according to Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.) speaking from the floor of an empty House of Representatives yesterday, it seems that the House Government Oversight Committee (or whichever one is responsible for looking into this) can’t find witnesses.   The juicy bits start at about 2:45:

So, other than the State Department people we’ve already seen, everybody, both military and civilian involved has signed non-disclosures????????   On top of it, the Marine colonel “whose task force was responsible for special operations in northern and western Africa at the time of the attack is still on active duty despite claims that he retired.”  His testimony can be ordered as compulsory, but it hasn’t been.

Oh, yeah, no cover-up there.

And that stench ain’t coming from a landfill OR swamp weeds that rot in summer heat and humidity.

Congressman Wolf put it this way:

“If these reports are accurate, this would be a stunning revelation to any member of Congress, any member of Congress that finds this out and also more importantly to the American people. It also raises serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response.”

Yes, sir, we agree.  Contrary to the popular belief that the American people are all sheep, there are plenty out here that are more of the lone wolf variety.  This entire incident was suspect from the get go, and with the number of former military having served in the very positions that would have been on duty that night knowing protocol and calling foul on the administration’s explanations, the fact that everyone involved, it seems, has been “asked” to sign a non-disclosure agreement sets off alarm bells that can only be drowned out by an F-4 on take-off.  (Phantom, my tushie.)

Despite the immigration and budget fights, the IRS hearings, the coming crash of ObamaCare and so much more being played out in that drained swamp right now, Benghazi has not been forgotten, but the investigation has been stymied.  (More like stonewalled, sandbagged, sabotaged and stalled until all asses were covered.)

The administration has it fixed so that no one can testify against it without violating a signed legal agreement.  No wonder there haven’t been any hearings.  (Maybe we now see what all that meta-data is good for.)

Can Eric Holder say “Obstruction of Justice” or is that subject to Foggy Bottom Amnesia?  (How about lying to Congress?)

P.s.  Um, Mr. Obama, a HUGE percentage of the American people make up the defense industry and the people who built all the war toys descendants.  We know how fast Mach 1 is – and that our fighter aircraft all have the capability.  Help being 90 minutes away was conservative.  The truth is out there.

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  1. I have been thinking that the Republicans have gotten a bad case of complacency if the deadly virus complicity which would be a better explanation has not taken them out. Benghazi will remain like spinach between the teeth of the presidential smile.

  2. Two hours, my butt! Get out of the box. Bill Whittle has the answer for a government that wanted to do something. Supersonic F-18s at 500 feet perhaps dispensing a few brilliant missiles. Less than a half hour, I’d bet. Otherwise known as “The eagle is pissed, you’d better run fast and far, cause you are a field mouse.”

    We need to go back to speaking softly and carrying a big stick instead of yelling loudly and carrying a twig.

    This is eventually, the House willing, going to blow up badly in their face.

    • F-18s…yeah…fast little buggers.

    • Although the person in my family who used to work on F-18s, AV-8s, F-15s, etc., claims they really would have needed troop helicopters which could have been deployed pretty quickly.

      • True, but the relays of F-18s just screaming across the sky should have forced them to keep their heads down , from flying glass, if nothing else, which I think was his point as well. If you’re going to control it, you do need at least a few boots on the ground.

        But they had quick reaction forces in Italy, and if you’re in a hurry parachute in and wait for the choppers to leave. That’s the job and they’re volunteers, and the military has never been big on leaving anyone behind.

        And you know what, next time they’ll think twice, and soon they won’t even think of it.

      • NEO, there was no thinking involved. Not by whoever gave the order to stand down.

        Anyone with knowledge who could shed light on the whole mess is now under a gag order. Until SOMEBODY is able to slip through that net….


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