Black/White Murders

When it comes to black/white relations, it seems the liberal types tend to shoot their mouths off as if their words were true when in reality, these supposedly true words are not the way it is.  It is like the guy in the fast draw western shoot out. He pulls the trigger on his six shooter before clearing his holster and shoots himself in the foot.  My mother on many occasions explained to me that when I think something, I should count to ten before I say it. This she would explain would give me the opportunity to reassess what I was about to say be sure it was right.

In the case of liberals, we can look to the liberal Attorney General Holder.  When speaking to the NAACP after the Zimmerman trial, he implied indirectly that the Florida Stand Your Group law was not a good idea.  The Zimmerman’s defense never used that law.  It relied on the ages old self defense law which the known facts in the trial indicated to be the case.  The liberal New York Times reporter Cara Buckley’s seems to think that Zimmerman’s trial was “spotlighting Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.”  But while speaking of the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, the AG and reporter should have had someone check the facts.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, almost as many black Floridians as whites used the Stand You Ground (SYG) defense when charged with a crime while protecting themselves.  The number of whites convicted using this defense was the same rate as the number of blacks who had used it.  Here is the tricky part.  In the black/white situation, out of the five whites killed by blacks, four of the black offenders were found not guilty by using the SYG law.  Of the six blacks killed by whites, five of the white offenders were found not guilty by SYG defense.    It looks like the blacks in Florida better hang on to the Stand Your Ground law.  Mr. Holder’s statement “it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense,” appears to show he may be out of step with reality.

What about the nation when it comes to blacks killing whites and whites killing blacks?  According to the Department of Justice which of course the Attorney General should be aware of their statistics, in 2009, 2,963 whites were killed by whites and 2,604 blacks were killed by blacks.  The interesting bit of additional information is that 209 blacks were killed by whites while only 454 whites were killed by blacks.  My, my, perhaps Mr. Holder, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson, the Black Panthers and few other folks might want to do a fact check before accusing whites of black genocide.

Well, that was only one year and you are right.  From 1974 to 2004, 86% of white murders were done by whites.  In that same period, 94% of black murders were done by blacks.  For this information, 13% of the population is black and about 80% are white.  This percentage of whites includes “white Hispanics” and just regular every Hispanics.  The claims put forth by the critical thinking race activists some how does not touch on reality.  This of course should be expected since I identified them as critical thinkers.  This is the Marxist technique used to find fault with a cultural hegemony.  Could it be these liberal folks live in a fantasy world while the rest of us live in the real world?  I wonder why the major media’s “unreal” reporters have not discovered this information?  Wait,  I know it, I know the answer; this is just local news not national.

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  1. I agree with several of your statements. If people focus on the media portrayal of crime, they would believe that crime is more inter-racial, as opposed to intra-racial. People are more likely to be victimized by others in their own race. You are also correct in that Blacks are using the stand your ground law in FL very frequently. However, do not confuse the issue. The senseless killing of Trayvon Martin is being used as a movement to get Florida (and other states) to re-examine those laws. Different offenders (Blacks and Whites included) are using these laws as a way to justify gang violence and retaliation. Stand your ground laws eliminates the duty to retreat (except for in your home, of course), which puts the decision on when to use deadly force in the hands of untrained people, which is problematic.

    None of those people you mentioned directly (or indirectly) accuse Whites of Black genocide. Research has shown (which I’ll be glad to share) that young Black males are viewed as dangerous and violent, and these groups are more likely to have harsher outcomes in our nation’s criminal justice system, even after accounting for the seriousness of the offense, prior arrests, etc. In addition, research has shown that when Blacks are killed, the outcome is not as harsh as compared to if Whites are killed. Again, research supports this position. Therefore, while you make some very valid points, you are missing multiple contexts in framing your positions.

    Regardless, though, I enjoy your reading. I discuss similar issues on my blog. I encourage you to take a look.

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