No, We Conservatives Don’t Understand Liberals

Please do not ask what made this speech pop into my head in relation to this post….

Twice in the last few days, the idea that conservatives just don’t understand has popped up.  “Conservatives don’t understand women.”  “Pro-life women don’t understand abortion.”

We don’t understand alright.

We don’t understand why liberal women wallow in the drama and inconveniences of being female, but avoid looking like, speaking like, and acting like ladies.

We don’t understand why birthing and rearing children is so horrible a fate.

We don’t understand why speaking the truth of what happens when a woman goes to a clinic to have her child killed should be controversial.

We don’t understand why sitting state senators from Texas have no problem admitting ignorance about the most notorious abortionist of the 21st century and the filth of his establishment to a conservative publication (Wendy Davis, that did not make you look good.)

We don’t understand why we should have to pay for contraception when abstaining is free (and does not put one at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, let alone pregnancy.)

We don’t understand why celebrating the differences between men and women is such a bad thing – or why boys should always have to share their private clubs with girls, but girls can have their own.

We don’t understand why liberals think they are entitled to cash earned by someone else.

We don’t understand why liberals don’t get that “green” energy costs a lot more than the kind that actually produces a lot of BTUs (that’s British Thermal Units for those who have not taken physics).

We don’t understand why praying in public is offensive.

We don’t understand why a cross is offensive, but a peace symbol, or pentagram is not.

We don’t understand why it never dawns on liberals that mass shootings tend to happen in gun-free zones.

There’s a lot more, but the liberals have all clicked on Youtube to watch the Robin Thicke and Jimmy Fallon video with the kindergarten instruments.  (It was cute the first time.)

Liberals are right.  We conservatives just don’t understand.

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2 replies

  1. Of course you don’t understand; how could greedy, capitalistic racists who care nothing about the poor they exploit possibly understand?

    But we’re fixing it in spite of you; pretty soon you won’t have your guns anymore, we’ll have most of your money and if you say anything, we’ll lock you up for offending someone. That’s REAL progress!

    Now, do you understand?


  1. No, you do not understand liberals…or Conservatives. | Thoughts from a Zen Mormon

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