Barack Obama’s August 9 Press Conference

For all of those out in the fruited plain who were otherwise occupied while the current President of the United States was holding a press conference on a Friday afternoon in August (who does this? No one is paying attention.  Half the country is either on vacation or making their Friday afternoon tee time.  Of course, that might be the point), here it is:

I guess he memorized it all since there would be no teleprompter.  Wow, that took…months.  Still screws up his cadence, but there you go.

Have at it.

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3 replies

  1. No thanks, I feel lucky for missing it. Please allow me to keep it that way.

  2. Like Barry…watch and listen to “the One” at your own risk. I might suffer Cullen Finnerty Syndrome if I did. “Cullen Finnerty……………….was found dead having choked on his vomit.”
    You ‘re baseball fan…. not football so much I gather, so you might have missed.
    Sad but low information citizens must have it from some cause, must be Obamaphone Flu. I’ve heard how diseased prone cell phones are.

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