Fund ObamaCare…or Fund It Not

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In the parlance of the amusement park industry, the “home park” in my neck of the woods happens to be a member of the Six Flags family.  That means that many of the newer thrill rides are named for characters in Warner Brothers blockbusters.

This being the American midwest, where weather happens any day any time, on occasion, power goes out at the home park.  Every now and then.

It just so happens that one summer afternoon, lightning struck one of the two power generators.  With only half the available power, the park officials had a decision to make: run the linear propulsion coaster Mr. Freeze that features zero Gs, or run the rest of the park.

They decided to run the rest of the park.

(Good move.  The Screamin’ Eagle, the great John Allen’s last coaster, is a much better ride, especially with a wet track.)

So it is with our Congress and ObamaCare.

The poorly named “Affordable Care Act” is so blasted expensive, especially with the number of states opting out since John Roberts’ SCOTUS decision removing the compulsory feature, that Congress more or less has a choice – with current revenue streams, fund ObamaCare at the federal level or the rest of the government.

Frankly, funding the military, even with the idiot innovations this administration is imposing, is a much better deal.  The rest…..

To pay for everything the law requires, Congress could raise taxes, but then all the uninsured people who now have to pay for insurance wouldn’t be able to pay for either insurance or the higher tax rates.  Oh, wait…they couldn’t afford higher taxes or insurance BEFORE their hours were cut.  Now, the REALLY can’t afford it.  Yeah, that’s not going to work.

House Republicans have sent dozens of bills to the Senate intent on repealing or defunding the program.  So far, each bill has died.  Now, three senators, Marco Rubio of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah are threatening to shut down the government altogether rather than fund ObamaCare.  This might well be part of opposing the law itself – and there is no argument here that the law is beyond bad – and it might be stirring up fear among the establishment who are addicted to polls with questionable methodology, but at the very least it is an acknowledgement that the fight isn’t over.

Too much of life is going to be affected if the law actually gets implemented.  It is the means through which we all can and will be tracked by a real “big brother.”  That is plainly anti-American.

It’s also plainly too expensive.

Play time is over.  We can’t afford both ObamaCare and the other government programs.  That might not be the most ideologically pure of arguments behind defunding the monster, but it may well be the most effective message we on the right can use to defend the efforts to rid us of the mess that is the “Affordable Care Act.”  (Interestingly, some prominent Democrats are beginning to agree.  Today’s Star Parker.)

Fund ObamaCare or fund the rest of the government….

The choice of this generation.

In the meantime, ride along.  :)

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  1. Yeah, we couldn’t afford our welfare state and world military before Obamacare came along; we’ve just piled a boulder on a spavined horse in adding it to our load. But, barring unforeseen events, I’ll wager that the GOP has no intention of repealing it. Great Photo!

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