Fallen Cows and the Sport of Disturbance


Politics is a rough game.  Needn’t be so, but the evidence leaves no doubt that there’s small chance of anything to the contrary.

History gives a vivid tour of the spoils: swords, statehouses, spears, pulpits, guillotines, camps, palaces, great walls and security forces armed with rifles.  These are all implements – in various formats, of the ever-present and endless dialectic.

When impasse is reached, the antagonism can expand well past the civility of words and ideas.

Struggle and domestic unrest is unpleasant, but the noble must stand guardprepared and willing to counter the bastards of anarchy should circumstances oblige.

The same tactic is used by those who oppress.  Force is a tool of both good and evil.

The key to preparation is a perspicacious knowing.

The Eastern tradition explains it this way,

…deep knowledge is to be aware of disturbance before disturbance, to be aware of danger before danger, to be aware of destruction before destruction, to be aware of calamity before calamity

Hindsight always lends precise admonition cloaked in the ‘shouldah’ sense of a sober warning, always too late to matter.

The composition of the two sides is rarely anything more than the radicals and the traditionalists.

The objective is always the status quo.

Benefit comes to some when it changes, to others – when it is preserved.

Viewed through this lens, conservatives and liberals fall right into place.

Masquerading as advocates of the oppressed, the protagonists of the people (democrats) shrewdly publicize campaigns of justice, fairness, reform and advocacy.  All predicated upon…



Bored, inconsiderate, self-centered rascals are constantly seeking their next thrill; they call it fun.

Cow tipping is rumored to be a possible activity for the mischievous reprobates who’ve grown weary of doing nothing.

Farmer Jones sleeps at night; his rest is well deserved.

As he sleeps, his cows fenced in the grassy acreage of his farm – foul play lurks.

The cow is an asset, she belongs to the farmer – respectful folk understand this.  She, without the protection of her owner – is vulnerable.

Let the sport ensue…laughing all the way.

Anarchy – all in the name of innocent fun.

Nearly a ton of mass, harassed by the puny shoves of a party of misguided juveniles.  Misfits.  Rebels.  Immature, disrespectful little brats.



Cows that tumble over…because, well – just because we push them.  Just like the status quo – it’s fun to watch it tumble.

We have, at the most fundamental of levels here – a conflict of interests and values.

Farmers suffer the price of having their assets disturbed.  And the boors are thrilled, having been liberated (momentarily) from their dreadful deprivation.

In depicting this scenario – whether I’ve done so in a worthy manner or not, the most of us find this to be anything but funny.

Methinks the analogy fits.

Henry James, Sr. wrote:

democracy…is revolutionary, not formative.  It is born of denial.  It comes into existence in the way of denying established institutions.  Its office is rather to destroy the old world, than fully reveal the new.

You can see where – with ease, status quo can be interchanged with “established institutions” and “old world” in Henry’s thought, and appended to “denial” just as well.

The point, very simply is – that as conservatives, we shall not yield to or tolerate the cow tippers.

Especially when those cows are sacred.

Diligently anticipate the calamity, and tirelessly engage those who trespass upon the turf of the fruited plains we call beautiful.


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