Shooting Down Ruling Class Trial Balloons


A few years ago, Dr. Angelo Codevilla gave a name to the largely out of sight group of people who use their cash to fund and invest in entertainment, business ventures, educational initiatives and more in order to more or less control the rest of us, the group he called “the country class” (more or less the middle class work force).

Dr. Codevilla called the group with all the cash and the connections to use it for their own gain – and, incidentally, to maintain control of the country class – The Ruling Class.

Out here in one city in flyover country, we called the monied sorts “ruling class” at least 25 years before Dr. Codevilla published his book.  Well, the high school where they sent their kids, anyway.  It was and still is “Ruling Class High.”

We of the conservative, TEA Party bent in the United States are naturally suspicious of The Ruling Class, especially since they seem to want to dictate what the American political “right” should think and believe and on what issues compromise is acceptable.

We all know this, and conservatives are most resentful that this is the case.  Why should those people be able to impose their will when WE voted according to OUR principles and they are not paying the least bit of attention to us?

Well, until the TEA Party has the kind of cash The Ruling Class does, that’s just the way it’s going to be.


Unless another uprising a la 2009-10 happens.

According to all sources, the TEA Party phenomenon did not sit well with the ruling class.  In fact, one prominent source said plainly that it “scared the shit of out them.”  It seems that the Ruling Class believed they had public opinion very much in hand.

Oh, how very wrong they were.

Out on the fruited plain, the political right had been pulling away from mainstream thought bit by bit for at least a couple decades.  It started, really, with talk radio and continued to build through this technological wonder the Ruling Class truly wants to control: The Internet.  FoxNews came along and offered an alternative to the alphabet soup networks, and Andrew Breitbart very much became a hero to those looking for someone to publish more than the party line.

So it came to be that people not living in the bubbles of Ruling Class thought see the world differently.

And so it was, as we all remember, that as more and more layers of truly unAmerican laws that were either ramrodded through Congress or imposed by Executive Order, outrage among the population grew, and people who had never protested their own country before found themselves losing their demonstration virginity in a fight against a lawless and immoral administration.

Millions of people joined in and thanks to Graham Makohoniuk and his inspired idea of sending tea bags in memory of the original Boston Tea Party revolt – nothing to do with whatever snarky “teabagging” is (don’t think I want to know) – to Congress in protest, a name was given to the movement.

And it scared The Ruling Class.  Any sort of grip they had on the middle class, or Country Class, was tenuous at best.  The TEA Party had to go.

There was nothing left but to “Alinsky” the TEA Party and all it stands for, real and imagined.  We all know of the attempts that were made and that the arm of the U.S. Treasury known as the IRS was used to partially silence the movement ahead of the 2012 presidential election.  (That little fiasco continues to play out in the Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal.  :)  With all luck, some solid answers will be forthcoming.)  The outright attacks and stalling from the IRS for the same tax exempt status that leftist groups enjoy is ongoing.

What this should tell the people of the TEA Party movement is that, collectively, we still have power.  The Ruling Class is still afraid.

The Republican Party, a part of the Ruling Class, but beholden to the TEA Party for votes, at least, has been floating trial balloons of presidential contenders ahead of the primary process.  The buzzword is “electable.”

The ruling class may not be conversant on TEA Party stances, but they know how to conduct a large scale focus group.  

As there is a bit of a generation gap in addition to a spherish one, we are likely to see more trial balloons than a rehabbed Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and any of the other RINO sorts we’ve seen so far.  At this point, The Ruling Class will not back a Sarah Palin (too much of a chance that all their time and money investments and influence will go by the wayside), but keep up the clamor and they just might field someone we can live with.

At the moment, it looks like the other side may well be running one of the grifters, I mean, Hillary Clinton in a twofer redux.  If the Republicans are going to have any chance, they are going to have to do better than a RINO whose viewpoints have evolved.

In the meantime, we of the TEA Party bent need to stay the course and not despair.  If anything, be bold in shooting down the trial balloons.

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3 replies

  1. Agreed, keep your powder dry, as we’ve always said. Even Peggy Noonan noticed, although I think she’d be all right if she lived out here.

    Oz figured it out, so did Canada (sort of) It’s up to us, we’re supposed to be leaders, so let’s lead.

    • Peggy Noonan is a hard one to figure out sometimes. She’s a city girl, but I agree, that she’d be okay outside of New York. So long as there’s baseball.

      My big point is, and I probably should have said this, the Republican leadership is in transition and the guy they put in the chairman’s seat is really not quite experienced enough for the job. He’s smart, though, and is trying to gather as much information as possible before the real 2016 run starts. That should be respected while at the same time pointing out that the farther right we go out here, the less likely we are to just blindly vote for their candidate.

      • Good point, Got to have baseball. :-)

        Maybe it was slight obscure, I missed it anyway, but sometimes with me to need the obvious club. Yes, I see the same thing with him, he’s trying to learn enough, fast enough, does he make it? Stay tuned. There’s this, though, most likely if he had been experienced enough he would have been carrying enough baggage to not try hard enough. It a tough party compared to the other one to lead, too much conviction to make it easy.

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