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Today’s Environmentalist Schadenfreude: Neil Young Gets Stranded


From Washington Free Beacon:

Neil Young, a high-profile proponent of cars powered by alternative fuels, was recently stranded on the highway when his own $1 million biomass-powered hybrid car broke down.

California highway patrol officers found the Canadian rocker stranded on the side of a road near Donner Summit, Calif.

Young was on his way to an environmentalist festival in Canada, according to theSierra Sun, driving his custom-made hybrid electric 1959 Lincoln Continental.

“The car is touted as the world’s first full-sized luxury series hybrid electric car powered by biomass, according to the LincVolt website,” the Sun reported.

This story is over a week old and the breakdown could well have been all about the age of the car and not the chosen fuel source, but that doesn’t change that an environ-weenie got stranded on the side of the road more or less miles from civilization in an overpriced car powered by trash.

This is why we non-environmentalist types take road trips in cars that use petrochemicals and are significantly younger (and cheaper).  We actually want to get there.

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2 replies

  1. Let’s further this logic: I saw a Ford Taurus broken down on the side of the road the other day. Ergo, “petrochemical” cars must be terrible?

  2. “Environ- weenie.” Love that.

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