ALERT *** Good News from the TEA Party – IRS War ***ALERT


It’s three years late and came the day before the law it was formed to fight went into effect, but tonight, FINALLY has its tax-exempt status., one of the nation’s largest Tea Party groups, told Secrets that the long-sought declaration arrived Monday, well over three years after they applied for 501c(4) tax-exempt status in March of 2010, the start of the Tea Party movement. The notice came in a letter from the IRS.

The group said it endured harassment by agents targeting mostly conservative non-profit groups for their political donors, agenda and even reading lists, all against the rules. Those agents were headed by the recently retired Lois Lerner.

“After four years battling Lois Lerner’s shock troops, we are relieved that the IRS has relented and finally recognized our right to operate as a non-profit,” said Todd Cefaratti, founder of “First they tried to ignore us. Then they tried to discredit us. And then they tried to deny our legal rights. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end to a sad chapter in our government’s targeting of its own citizens,” he added.

Commenting on the long legal battle, the group’s lawyer, Dan Backer, said legal threats from the group helped squeeze out the positive decision. “It just proves the only way to beat the overreach of government is to fight back,” he said.

Yeah, so it took congressional hearings and the spotlight of this summer’s Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal, but one of the key groups the IRS harassed and tried to run out of business persevered.  How often does it happen that a victory is scored against the IRS?

Okay, the IRS gave in…eleven months after the election…and a day before ObamaCare all but died on the launchpad.  But, hey, 2014 is looming and by all accounts, capturing the Senate is not out of reach.  Anyone who witnessed the 2011 World Series knows that all things are possible.

Congrats to!  May there be many more as the movement gathers steam.

Lois Lerner, read it and weep!

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