Who’s Really Ruling Regent for Obama?


After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.” – Valerie Jarrett

For those who are anti-monarchy, a regent is put into place when the actual king or queen is incapable of ruling.  It’s usually a parent, son or daughter. 

From Breitbart:

Just before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was “closed” due to the shutdown. Until government funding is restored, the fishing boats are prohibited from taking anglers into 1,100 square-miles of open ocean. Fishing is also prohibited at Biscayne National Park during the shutdown.

The Park Service will also have rangers on duty to police the ban. Of access to an ocean.

[head shaking]  Are they putting up nets at the international waters 11 mile buoys, too?

Now that the Federal Park Service’s “make it as painful as possible” includes closing 1,100 square miles of open Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida that somehow is part of the Everglades (why not just tell the moon to quit rising), perhaps the petty stupidity and vindictiveness of what has actually been “shut-down” needs some human nature type of analysis.

A member of my family who has lived a long time said it, and I am inclined to agree: such petty vindictiveness smacks of a woman’s touch.

Woman get credit for being “the fairer sex,” but seriously, was there anything more vicious than a girl fight in middle school?


Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.

      William Congreve (1670-1729)
The Mourning Bride (1697), Act III, sc. 8

Is it still sexist if it is true?

It could just be that the less than manly Obama is surrounded by a number of women with fairly strong personalities, and their cycles have synced.  But, as we all know the man cannot think without at least one teleprompter.  More than likely some woman has decided to make life hell for the people who tried to block her agenda, and the O-man is following orders.  Those people would be everyone who takes advantage of the National Parks and likes to visit sites of historical importance – ordinary Americans who tend to cling to our guns and religion and visitors to our country who were expecting something quite different when it comes to hospitality – apparently.

(Although, one bonus of the shutdown is that the KKK rally at Gettysburg was cancelled earlier this week.  Cowards.  Not only do they cover their faces, but they aren’t men enough to storm the barricades.)

Seriously, why does Valerie Jarrett have a Secret Service detail?

At this point, the National Park Service Barry-cades and padlocking of publicly owned land used for leisure activities has not done much of anything other than run up a tab for security that usually isn’t needed and make the voters visiting and paying to use the facilities mad.  Even brides are being affected.  From ABC News:

Two dozen weddings scheduled for October at the National Mall and memorial parks in D.C. were already canceled. Hundreds more couples across the country planning to wed at locations such as Grand Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree, Acadia and others have also been impacted or received notification that they may lose their event permits.

And that doesn’t include Cliff House in San Francisco, a privately owned, AAA rated Restaurant which is shuttered due to being on Federal Property.  The staff has been kind enough to help couples find other venues for their weddings, but somehow it just won’t be the same.

Not that I have much use for the wedding industry per se, but that’s just mean.  And really, what man would care?

No, it is not military or congress being inconvenienced, but everyday people who just want to visit and use what is rightfully ours.  People who play by the rules.  And mid-stream we just change the rules because someone is not getting their way?

Oh, yeah, that’s mature.

As the shutdown has unfolded, the messaging from the White House and the Senate majority has been over the top hyperbole more or less telling the world that the TEA Party is who is holding the rest of us hostage.  That might work with the truly unengaged, low-information population being fed the party line by the mainstream media, but the brides refused their dream weddings and the fisherman not able to angle in public waters are more likely to be sorts to do their homework.

THAT’s what this White House regime forgets.  America isn’t completely uninformed voters.  And with the internet and alternative media, the message funnelled through the MSM is increasingly diluted.  The truth is coming out and there is not a darn thing the White House can do about it.  We know that the House passed bills to keep the National Parks open and the Senate would not pass them.

The people know what’s going on and there is plenty of anger and exasperation out here.

There’s also plenty of people defying the shutdown orders.  So much so, that it’s becoming a joke, especially in Washington.

It is most doubtful that the TEA Party really has an interest in depriving brides of their dream weddings, or making it impossible to park at Mount Vernon.  We certainly do not think blocking access to the nation’s battlefields where hundreds of thousands of young men died to ensure our freedom is acceptable.  We cheer on the spunky veterans who lead the charge to defy really ridiculous closures of war memorials while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buys over $20,000 worth of dogfish to feed sharks.  (No, not lawyers, real sharks.)  The headlines the regime wanted materialized.  The outrage against Republicans hasn’t.

Can you say backfire?

Outside of parenting and school administrations, only petty and vindictive people withhold perks and cause inconvenience to score points.

Just who is being vindictive – and why couldn’t it be a woman?

For those who think the world would be better off if women ran it….

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19 replies

  1. “Are they putting up nets at the international waters 11 mile buoys, too?”

    International waters start as 12 NM, and they are nautical miles, not conventional miles, which is actually almost 14 miles on land. Just an FYI…


    I wonder what else is poorly researched…

  2. Ok, several arguments that should be abandoned immediately because they are that stupid…

    Teleprompter…every politician in modern existence has used a teleprompter. President Obama has actually shown himself to be a fairly good speaker on his feet, so this arguments just makes the people using it look dumb.

    Synched periods…I cannot believe someone was stupid enough to use this. Republicans lost women by a huge margin, and blaming the menstrual cycle is a recipe for future disaster.

    Blaming the military…the military are in fairly extenuating circumstances. Saying things like “No, it is not military or congress being inconvenienced, but everyday people” is idiotic. The Military are not everyday people, they have lives that are above and beyond what everyday can even consider dealing with, so their pay is sort of expected.

    Speaking about uninformed voters…if you are going to do it, make sure that you have the facts straight. More and more people are blaming the Republicans for the shutdown, and the dissatisfaction is increasing. Telling people that blame Republicans that they are uninformed is stupid when you make mistakes like not knowing where international waters start. When you start with an obvious error, then call others uninformed…the charge rebounds.

    • Can’t say you weren’t warned. Bye!

      • CL, I am not sure you really understand what is going on here. Short story…

        I am a Conservative Republican. I was raised a Republican, I was a Young Republican in college, and I worked on Mitt Romney’s campaign. I also used to be a major reader of your site. I loved it, until I started talking about it with people at work.

        You’re a joke. People laugh at you. And I really mean it, you post something, and people laugh at you. And it is not because they are liberal, it is because this website is a joke.

        I would say something that I read on this website, and people would blow holes in my comments, point out inconsistencies, errors, misunderstandings, and plain old factual disasters. This was a repeated problem. I did not know what was going on, why is it that I felt so informed when everyone else knew more? It was an embarrassment.

        And then they find out where I was getting my information.

        Now,I do not have to say anything. We have daily Constitution Club readings in the office. JD Longstreet is a particular favorite. And after the reading, I used to get lectures on exactly what was wrong with the posts, where the errors were. An explanation about why all of the posters here were wastes of oxygen and evidence of Darwinism (missing links).

        So I was stuck. Here I was, convinced that I was in the right, that government needed to be smaller, that spending needed to be restrained, that immigration was a problem, and that businesses needed to be less restricted. But I had nothing to say.

        So I started studying for real. I read Milton Friedman. I read Hayek. And I read Keynes, and even Paul Krugman. I read everything I could get my hands on, William F. Buckley Jr., and several works of Thomas Sowell. But I did something more important, I started talking to liberals. Really wild left, granola eating, tree hugging, pro-choice liberals, and there I got a real education. I learned why they believed why they do, and even though I disagree, I stopped looking at them as delusional, and learned that they were people who had opinions, hopes, dreams, and were as passionate as I was.

        Liberals are not the enemy. You are.

        And it is because you are stupid. You are poorly informed, you are poorly read, you are poorly argued, and you foster a climate where your authori-TIE, is unquestioned, so people stay stupid.

        You’re bad for Conservatives. People actually do laugh at you. One of your bloggers was a businessman who drove a business he bought directly into the ground through incompetence and then tried to get a reality TV show, or something like that. He is exactly what people like Occupy Wall St. are opposing, but you proudly put him up like some sort of expert. He killed jobs because he was stupid and you give him a pulpit.

        You are not banning people because they are trolls. You are banning them because you cannot answer them. Just like I could not answer the liberals and moderates in my work. The difference is that I started studying to get back on my feet, and sought out challenges to my POV. You are trying to insulate this blog to protect people, and all you have is a mass of idiotic inbreeding, which is pretty good support of Darwin.

        If you want to avoid the challenges, just get smarter. You can call people trolls all you like, but the problem is that you are actually the troll, you just do not know it.

        As for the actuaries, look up the Forbes article and see what the government study actually says before you put your foot in your mouth again. I can’t wait for Monday at work, I’ll be the one pointing out that you’re stupid, but still making the good fight for market based health care. My job is just harder because I have to explain why you are so stupid, but why your overall position is not.

      • Before I ban you, too, although, unless I miss my guess deja vu is happening via dynamic URLs….

        I take my information from the same sources everyone else does. I link to articles all the time. In fact, that first quote in this piece is linked to where I found it last year. Go ahead, click on it.

        As for me being stupid, ummmmm, can’t say that I’ve ever been accused of that outside of the trolls on this forum. Far from it, actually. After all, I did get into five of the best engineering schools in the country. i was on the dean’s list in college. Worked my way through, actually. I kill at trivia nights. Every place I’ve ever worked, I’ve ended up being the go to person to solve problems and write speeches, and somehow I’ve ended up being the computer guru. The only people who persist in thinking me less than smart generally have an exalted opinion of their own prowess in any number of cognitive capacities.

        Talking to liberals: well, see if you really knew anything about me, or have really read my material for as long as you say, you would know that I live, work and go to church in liberal central. I’ve made no secret of that. I listen to them talk and regurgitate what they have read in The New York Times and heard on NPR all the time. I work in non-profit and being an actual social, moral and other sort of conservative there is not an easy task. Oh, and by the way, we feed the hungry. To say that the liberals I know don’t use the logic skills they should have learned in algebra is an understatement. They also don’t keep up on alternative viewpoints, dismissing them out of hand, even if the science is backing the alternative.

        You sure you’ve been reading me for a long time???? Because, if you have, you’d know I’m a bookworm. You’d also know that I part ways to an extent on immigration. I think there needs to be a calm discussion about it AFTER the borders are secured.

        As for the actuaries: the first one I heard talk about it was a singing colleague’s mother who said Obamacare was designed to fail. She writes actuarial textbooks, so I will take her word for it. You don’t think that people with a vested interest in underwriting and working for insurers are going to publish their real opinions, do you? Although every study I’ve been able to find outlines cost increases. There is no way that is sustainable. they have to know that.

        And in case you didn’t read what I wrote about the ACA in the last couple weeks, I’m all in favor of letting it go into full effect and getting the people to demand it’s demise. That’s where the power is. That, and in using language to an advantage, which the left does, or did before this incident. Various words are losing their punch when actions don’t match them.

        Contrary to popular belief, I do know what is going on. A Pavlovian bell was rung in the last week and a half and the very well trained leftist sleeper trolls went on the attack all over the internet. Not just this site, but several other conservative sites including the big ones, have had one troll after another using the words stupid, dumb and idiotic all while retyping buzz phrases found in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. There’s not much original about it. The whole objective is to knock the political right off message. Is it working? Not really. There’s just further entrenchment of both sides at this point. What is more disturbing is the lack of diversity in the viewpoints presented in a lot of reporting.

        As for keeping this a tight, on message community: the site owner prefers that.

        It is your choice to read this blog or not. Doesn’t matter. It is our right to say what we think, just as it is yours. People may not be persuaded. That’s life. HOWEVER, that does not mean that a privately owned site is required to tolerate belittling of its bloggers because someone claims to have an ax to grind.

        For posterity, I will leave your comment. Anything further will be moderated.

      • And another thing, JD Longstreet hasn’t been here long enough for the “used tos” to be an issue if there have been readings for the length of time you infer.

        And I’m the stupid one?

  3. “Teleprompter…every politician in modern existence has used a teleprompter. President Obama has actually shown himself to be a fairly good speaker on his feet, so this arguments just makes the people using it look dumb.”

    When? The stuttering fool can’t get three sentences out in less than five minutes and they make no sense.

    A rational person know exactly what she means with the military. And she may have missed the report that their chaplain are subject to prosecution for celebrating mass during the shutdown.

    Don’t forget your towel and above all “don’t panic’ even if you are an English ford.

    • Except this is untrue. The President is actually not that bad of a speaker. This is reality. The constant harping about the teleprompter nonsense only makes Conservatives look stupid. Tim Pawlenty went on about the President needing a teleprompter to talk to grade school children…which was completely wrong.

      Rush went on about how the President read the wrong speech in Ireland…which was wrong.

      It is a stupid issue, it should be dropped.

      Chaplains are not prosecuted for celebrating mass, as chaplains are active duty, and active duty continue to work. If you do not believe me, you can come to services with me tomorrow, I’m active duty military and we have both Catholic and Protestant services in the chapel, and will continue to do so… The Catholic Chaplain is a contractor as well.

      Again when you talk without any knowledge…how do YOU think you look? I mean…spreading paranoia is good and all, but after this is all over people are going to look at those who made all of these predictions that did NOT happen, and they are going to assume, correctly, that these people are fools.

      Anyone in uniform could tell you this, we go on with our lives, regardless of things like pay, so I’m guessing you never served.

      • No they are for for shutdown purposes considered as contractors, which makes no sense, I admit, but that what at least ten reports are saying today.

        Yes we will look back and look at all those who lied to us, and act accordingly, that’s why we’re conservatives, we live and learn.

      • No, you’re NOT Conservative. Please stop saying that. Conservatives do not spread rumor because they think it makes political hay. That is NOT Conservative. Making sure you have your facts straight, THAT’s Conservative. Sticking with real issues, the economy, how to realistically cut programs and raise taxes to deal with the debt, how to deal with the millions of immigrants who make our society function who we cannot kick out and must find a solution for, THESE are Conservative issues.

        Teleprompters, Birthers, Benghazi, paranoia, fear, innuendo, etc…these are the tactics of people who have no idea what they are talking about, who cannot be bothered to learn before speaking, and who react without thought, reason, or consideration.

        Chaplains are NOT contractors, learn about the military before speaking. Chaplains are Chaplains. They are active duty, and they have green ID cards, or did before we all went to CACs. Some outside personnel are Contractors when there is a large enough religious population but not enough Chaplains to go around, but these are not Chaplains. There is a difference, and if you do not know what it is….DON’T SPEAK. You make ALL Conservatives look silly and uninformed, and I am tired of being lumped with those too lazy to study BEFORE speaking.

        As it is, services are still being held, Contractor or Chaplain.

        You never served in uniform, did you?

    • Didn’t use the reports on priests because I didn’t need it, and Mass is capitalized. All they have do do is stand across the street from the gate if the troops need a celebrant.

    • I almost wished I hadn’t banned him, but enough is enough. There aren’t enough priests in the military at this time to cover all the bases, so they request help from the parishes. No big deal. And Mass can be said anywhere.

      • I’m rather glad you did, he was rather offensive. I didn’t know that, but we’re all having some trouble with that and so there’s no reason for the military to be exempt.

        Of course, and I did know that mostly from military history. And most, any given Saturday/Sunday can probably make it to a civilian church as well. It’s not a huge problem just a bit troubling, like many these days.

      • Somebody rang the troll bell in the last week. They’re everywhere.

        Nautical miles aside, many of them are not keeping up,

  4. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:

  5. Ms. Jarrett may well need armed protection for reasons following her pre-White House days as much as those since, from reports. Historically, if I recall, the American Indians turned the captured enemies they most hated and despise over to the women to torture,, as the women were thought more cruel than men.

    But there seems to me, little doubt that she will at some point be fed to the wolves in defense of her bosses’ illusion of probity…And that may be part of her function, may it not?

  6. Barack Obama (and his supporters) have a clear aim – for him to be allowed to spend as much money as he wants (on anything he wants to spend it upon) regardless of the opinions of the people.

    That is not a President, that is not even a Constitutional Monarchy – it is a an Absolute Monarchy such as that of Louis XIV (the “Sun King”). An elected dictator is no better than an unelected one – for someone with absolute power will turn most voters into clients (dependent upon government programs) thus ensuring that he (or someone like him) continues to be elected (this is a scheme as old as the ancient Greek city states).

    Most people oppose Obamacare – and the House of Representatives was elected to oppose it (and has voted some 40 times to defend it) yet the Progressives demand money be spent upon this scheme.

    And it is not just Obamacare – the Progressives demand a so called “clean bill” on raising the debt limit (indeed some of them demand that the debt limit actually be abolished).

    In short no entitlement program reform – no reform of anything.

    Just an unlimited amount of money for Mr Obama to spend as he wants.

    That is not “clean” – that is dirty, it as dirty as it is possible to be.

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