Sci Lies By Political Guys

This Will Save You!

This Will Save You!

Do you still see scientists as folk in white lab coats who deal in facts and truth? If so, you’re a sucker. Not one of those assertions is accurate but the lab coat in some cases.

When we tossed religion and responsibility, we got a President and Congressfolk who lie to us as a matter of course, along with business and military leaders who are turning up regularly in scandals along with priests and premiers of governments. But we somehow seem to think scientists remain more noble and honest than the rest of humanity. That can be a costly superstition!

Sciencefolk themselves aren’t so naïve. Science Magazine was curious about how reliable the famous ‘peer-review’ system (intended to keep science honest and competent) remains today; it conducted a little experiment. It dreamed up a newly discovered anti-cancer substance and submitted an article about it to a bunch of peer-reviewed science journals. It made the article obviously phony, but half the journals accepted it for publication.

Another side of the issue is the source of scientists’ income; too much of it originates with government. Direct funding, grants, loans and indirect subsidies support a lot of science, including work done in private enterprise (green energy and autos for examples). Politicians notoriously sell their favors; when buying science, they expect to buy the scientists favors too. And today’s technical folk are just as morally relative in their ethics as the rest of society. Why not, that’s what gets grant applications approved.

A result is, besides much waste, spurious science supporting political goals. When the environmentalists and the corn lobby pushed Congress to add corn-based ethanol to gasoline by law, it was going to solve the smog problem with lots of folk in white coats testifying to the idea. Now, we have The Economist writing that it’s time to dump the whole thing, pointing to the several fallacies it embraces. A prime case of scientists whoring for politicians to gain passage of the legislation, Unfortunately, the ‘news’ media is aware of this, but jumps into line behind the politicians anyway. Our post-Christian social corruption is general.

You were told in school and hear repeatedly that all life started in some primordial goop that has become dinosaurs, whales, worms, birds, bacteria and of course, us. That’s evolution, right? No, that’s Darwinism, which by the way, Darwin didn’t accept. And it is widely believed and taught without a single shred of physical evidence. It is one of a number of theories about life’s origin, for which science has no explanation at all, only theories. But you may not have heard that. You’ve likely heard of that ‘Big Bang’ that started the universe, too. Another theory; not a fact, no proof. Many scientists don’t believe it, they have other theories. But as with life, nobody knows, it is all varying degrees of educated guesswork. Besides, saying it all started with a Big Bang doesn’t explain anything, does it? What caused the Bang? Science fiction is an important part of science as well as an entertaining literary genre.

Right now, we’re subjected to a long-standing United Nations campaign heavily supported by environmentalists and a cadre of leading climate scientists; it was called originally: “Anthropocentric Global Warming.” That was changed to “Climate Change” afterwhile because the lack of measurable warming became embarrassing. The global temperature has not changed significantly some 18 years now, though we inhabit one of the planet’s warm periods. Mostly, the earth has been a popsicle. But again, the explanation of planetary warming and cooling is theory, not science. But the global warming cadre of ‘climate scientists’ has lined up behind the politicians’ enormous climate based spending programs, as The Telegraph explains in its: “Climate Scientists Are Just Another Pressure Group.” The politicians of course, are still hoping for the money. Note though, that conservatives replacing Left-leaning political leaders are backing away from climate spending in Germany and recently in Australia, for lack of funds.

The global warming scam wasted some hundreds of billions of dollars but so far as I know, it hasn’t hurt anyone (except taxpayers and investors) and has proven to be self-limiting. Given that our Euro-American governors are hell-bent on controlling what we eat, in what and where we live, what we drive, how our health is managed, what we plant in our yards, when and how much we water what we plant and now with ‘Common Core,’ what our kids learn in school, perhaps we’d best check the science behind the programs as they come along. As new controls on us are constantly being added, it behooves us to understand when government is using real science and when it isn’t. For instance, it decided that wealthy and poor families must live in common neighborhoods at the bidding of, among various agendas, social scientists.

That theory was applied to mandate bussing minority students to schools in white neighborhoods in 1978 Los Angeles. Largely black and Hispanic schools were showing poor results; the mostly suburban, mostly white schools did much better. It was deded that the schools were the problem, so black and Hispanic kids were bussed to white schools instead of those in their neighborhoods. Rather than helping the bussed kids, the program reduced the suburban schools’ results. It was terminated in 1981 but the suburban schools never recovered. Now the Feds want to assure that we all live in mixed-wealth neighborhoods. Just when we need qualified, objective and honest scientists, we are supplied with government-funded prostitutes. Watch your utility bills rise every year, propelled by green ‘science.’ And watch your taxes rise as government dumps your money into failing ‘green’ companies… all supported by qualified scientists.

Those white coats aren’t so pristine as they once were.

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  1. Reblogged this on Right Wing Nuts and Bolts and commented:
    What hurts badly, of course, is that social experiments based upon faulty models end up costing a lot of money in several ways. In terms of ethanol, those include early deterioration of engines, really stinky air for neighbors of ethanol plants, and lower gas mileage. But, of course, the greatest cost is the “hidden tax” that it puts on every consumer. When larger a larger acreages are devoted to growing corn for ethanol, less and less are the fields bearing crops for animal feeds and human consumption. Thus the cost of food has more than doubled very quickly. This is truly a hidden tax because food doesn’t even get reported in the main inflation index. However, this is a very regressive tax, because it affects the poor most of all. Not only can they buy less with their money, but also food pantries that help feed the poor receive much less food and are not able to buy as much with donations.
    Anyone who ever drove through Gary, Indiana in the 60’s would agree that the air was too polluted. But, air quality now is a far cry from then. It is still not good enough for some, though, and that is why the Global Warming myth must be propagated. However, CO2 taxes do nothing to reduce global warming or increase the amount. of oxygen on the planet. Trees and plants eat CO2 and make oxygen, which means that CO2 isn’t polluting anything, only feeding trees. As far the small amounts of dirty air left, the world’s ecosystem can take care of that just like it cleaned up the gulf oil spill–all by itself.

  2. Excellent and enjoyable as usual. Being a scientist and making a living using science, I discovered early on that some were honest and others were very dishonest. Some would do just about any thing to make a name for themselves while the honest guys just plugged every day doing real science.

  3. Government: The unique agency distinguished by the fact that it always seeks to do more, to cure the results of that which it has already done…

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