Saturday Break Because We Need A Laugh


With the news that Americans are increasingly angry and not much good actually in the news itself, whether we are enjoying the very public demise of ObamaCare or not, we Americans seriously need a break from all of it.  Yes, a reality check was very much in order.  However, we need a laugh.  Let’s face it, it is the best medicine.

May as well start at the beginning:

Steven Spielberg may want to disown his only great comedy, 1941, but for those of us who are devotees it’s one of the funniest movies ever put on film and this is how it starts:

Short plug for my favorite line in my favorite film:

A little slicing and dicing and the comic genius of the late Jack Lemmon is revealed:

And back before Bill Murray started heavy drinking and doing drugs:

Such a post would not be complete without a little Marx Brothers:

Such a list needs to be rounded out with a clip from Mel Brooks.  However, finding a scene that wouldn’t offend SOMEBODY is impossible.  Luckily, some kind person compiled all the great lines from Young Frankenstein in one video:

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled anger and misery.

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