New DUH Moment From The World Of Academic Medical Research

Male female brain

Cat’s Cradle, anyone?  Jacob’s Ladder?  Grandpa’s Overalls?
Was I the only one who played with string on the playground????

STOP THE PRESSES!  This is really a important research headline from the University of Pennsylvania:

Men and women’s brains are hardwired differently.


Someone actually forked over research cash to map the brains of 521 “females” and 428 “males” over a fourteen year span, from ages 8 to 22, to figure out if there is a natural difference in the hardwiring of male and female brains.  Well, whadaya know.  SHAZAM!  Men and women’s brains are hardwired differently.

A special brain-scanning technique called diffusion tensor imaging, which can measure the flow of water along a nerve pathway, established the level of connectivity between nearly 100 regions of the brain, creating a neural map of the brain called the “connectome”, Professor Verma said.

“It tells you whether one region of the brain is physically connected to another part of the brain and you can get significant differences between two populations,” Professor Verma said.

“In women most of the connections go between left and right across the two hemispheres while in men most of the connections go between the front and the back of the brain,” she said.

Because the female connections link the left hemisphere, which is associated with logical thinking, with the right, which is linked with intuition, this could help to explain why women tend to do better than men at intuitive tasks, she added.

“Intuition is thinking without thinking. It’s what people call gut feelings. Women tend to be better than men at these kinds of skill which are linked with being good mothers,” Professor Verma said.

It’s official.  Now that a medical researcher has studied the matter scientifically and written a paper, we’re all safe in assuming men and women have different sorts of brains.

But, that’s not all.  It seems hormones may be part of the puzzle.

This difference in the way the nerve connections in the brain are “hardwired” occurs during adolescence when many of the secondary sexual characteristics such as facial hair in men and breasts in women develop under the influence of sex hormones, the study found.

…The only part of the brain where right-left connectivity was greater in men than in women was in the cerebellum, an evolutionary ancient part of the brain that is linked with motor control.

Hasn’t this been observed for centuries?  (Although, my motor control is better than at least two of my brothers, but they are all horribly ambidextrous.)

The brain may well be the last and most mysterious frontier in medical research, but other than driving feminists crazy by pointing out that they are biologically never going to be men, what is the point of all this?

Can’t we just accept and enjoy the differences?

The full article is worth reading.

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5 replies

  1. Yes, I saw that, nice! Men really are from Mars (the god of war) and women from Venus (the goddess of love and beauty). ;) Oh how we men are wired to the sight of the women of Venus! I still love my wife’s looks, oh yes… she is always my beauty (inside and out!)

  2. I forgot cat’s whiskers in the string games!

  3. ALERT THE FEMINISTS! They will be shocked to learn that we aren’t all the same and their cult of equalism is once again disproved by beautiful science.

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