Immigration & Amnesty…Time To Go To The Mattresses?

Let’s get this started the right way:

Well, it’s time.  We all knew it was coming.  The Amnesty, oops, Immigration bill, soon to be a bunch of baby bills, is now in the wings ready to relieve ObamaCare as the headliner in the swamp that is our Nation’s Capitol.

Great.  Shouts will start: STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!  Which will be answered with: Conservatives need to pass this or they will never win a national election.  Only to have the comeback: WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND.

At which point, CL starts her Illegal Immigration Drinking Game as conservatives aren’t going to win any national elections with the current talking points, immigration, amnesty, legality or not.

For a very long time, the political football of amnesty/immigration has been tossed around without much movement or discussion of the actual problems with immigration other than the sieve we call a southern border.  Progressives want everyone living in the United States to be afforded full rights all American citizens have – including citizenship – in the name of keeping families together.  We like to call that amnesty, as there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 million people living in the United States without the permission of her government.

Conservatives want…well, not amnesty, although what we are going to do with enough illegal aliens to populate New York City really hasn’t been addressed.  Just picking them up and sending them back to where they came from isn’t completely an option.  (Although, this isn’t really how it happens.)  Neither is adopting them as legal residents if they aren’t going to pay taxes, and insist on telling us how we must change our culture to suit them.

Do conservatives even know what we want when it comes to immigration?  If not, maybe it’s time to think this one through before picking yet ANOTHER fight that plays into the hands of the talking heads who make us look stingy and the amnesty people who accuse the political right of not having a plan.

First off, we are a nation of immigrants.  The vast majority of people who are descended from immigrants who came here in the last 250 years have that concept to thank for being citizens in the first place.  We have to have some sort of mechanism to continue this status and that rarely comes up for debate.

In addition, if responsible American middle and upper middle class people who are in a position to have a family don’t start having more kids to increase the chances of producing scientific and technological talent, we are going to have to import it to stay at the top of the heap.  Plain and simple.  The visa system needs to be addressed to attract and keep such talent here as it is.

Those points are not the worst of the contentions, but are not being pushed as why any sort of immigration amnes-, uh, reform is needed.  That’s strictly coming as a humanitarian effort, warranted or not.

No one wants to separate families, but that is not a reason to apply blanket amnesty.  Nor is needing to have cheap manual labor.  If cheap manual labor is really so necessary, change the economic and employment laws and make an effort communicate to Americans that refusing work “beneath” one’s station is snobbish, and frankly, old worldish (as we seem to have a cultural allergy to that notion).

This is the sort of thing that needs to be thought out and articulated or the pattern that is establishing of proclaiming “one time amnesty” every thirty years just to clear out the backlog is going to be our lot.

That begs the question: Are we ready to rumble?  Are we ready to go to the mattresses and fight this one to the end considering that all predictions are that “John Boehner is going to cave” in the headlines?  Do we know what we really want to do with a nationwide problem that has seen zero coast to coast discussion so that all parties understand each other?

And in this, the “we” references conservatives.  Progressives want to ram the sucker through Congress without anybody reading the bill.  Again.

Are we ready?  And what are we going to do with the 11 million people who are living here without the proper paperwork?

Seriously, conservatives need to come up with a plan, ’cause the other side is Ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLE.

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