Why, Exactly, WAS John Podesta Summoned To The White House?

John Podesta

No longer amateur hour.

By far, the most disturbing news coming out of the drained swamp we call our nation’s capitol this week was not the number of people unsuccessfully signing up for ObamaCare or the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal which is ripping apart the only hope for returning to government sanity.

Oh, no.  Even worse: John Podesta is returning to the White House.

As a reminder for those who remember the name, but are really not sure where they’ve heard it before – John Podesta was the trouble-shooter, or clean-up man, for the Clinton Administration and took care of public relations issues like impeachment and a presidential affair.  He dealt with scandals, and he did so ruthlessly.

John Podesta and his brother Tony, reportedly a hit man or cleaner for the Mob, give us Catholics a bad name.

Since his time in the White House, Mr. Podesta has founded, chaired and worked for the Center for America’s Progress (a far left looney bin supposedly bankrolled by George Soros), chaired BO’s White House transition team, and has been heavily involved with “green” energy, including opposition to the Keystone pipeline project.

To be simple and mild about it, the man is a BIG-TIME leftist player, and no amateur in the world of politics.  He’s the very capable real deal and his return to the address of power is worth the notice.

The big question is, why is he back there?

Since word came on Monday that Mr. Podesta would be returning, pundits and commenters have been speculating as to the real reason:

  • To be the “cleaner” making Benghazi go away for Hillary’s triumphant return, which may be hampered by this little thing called the internet and YouTube that didn’t exist the last time Podesta had to do any cleaning at this level.  He’s never going to be able to clean all of what’s out there.
  • To protect the financial interests of “green” energy investors who see their hopes and dreams evaporating as the Keystone pipeline gains more public approval and eagles die in the wind farm turbines.  (In fact, there are a number of calls for Podesta to take off the gloves on the pipeline even though he has stated he has no interest in it.  Yeah, right.)
  • To take Pete Rouse’s place as counsel after he and Valerie Jarrett all but came to blows, which in and of itself was rather shocking given Rouse’s reputation of being mild and non-confrontational.
  • As the best Democratic operative to take command of the sinking ship that is the SS Obama and to teach Jay Carney how to spin more effectively.
  • To REPLACE Valerie Jarrett altogether as her impending exit from the White House has been rumored of late.
  • And then, according to Ulsterman, investors in Obama himself are getting nervous and panicking, prompting a change in power behind the White House curtains.  The name George Soros comes up in this one.

Whatever the case – one, all or none of the above – this is a fight much higher than the rank and file Democrats, or any of the rest of us Americans.  None of us have the kind of money necessary to influence at this level.  Not individually any way.  Not fair, but who said life was fair?

Given Valerie Jarrett’s penchant for chewing up and spitting out some quite hardened political operatives, this may well be a direct order for her to tone it down, and/or leave, but it’s doubtful we’ll know the full truth for some time.

As frightening as John Podesta being in the White House is, this one is going to be interesting to watch from a variety of perspectives.  Is the groundwork being laid for 2016?  Do the liberal overlords sense that their grip on control is in danger?  Does somebody out there REALLY want to shore up Obama?  Has Valerie Jarrett overstayed her welcome?

Time will tell.

In the meantime, the political right needs to get its act together.  John Podesta is a dirty fighter of the sort you want in your corner, and he’s on the other side.  One chink in the armor of the right, and he’ll drive a truck through it.  His hiring alone raises a red flag that something is up.

Now to find out what that is…..

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5 replies

  1. There was a time when an organisation like the Centre for American Progress (a Comrade club bankrolled by the Tides Foundation) would have been overjoyed to have a person in the Whitehouse – say a cleaner (going through the waste paper baskets to get stuff to send to Moscow, or “wonder of wonders” an adviser, such as Dexter-White whispering in the ear of the President….). Now the President himself is a Comrade – and openly meets with people such as Mr Podesta.

    Now the only question is – how long before they take off the masks and say “yes we are Reds – and that is a good thing to be, everyone must be a Red”. It is like watching a gangster movie – and the lights go up, but the mobster is still there.

    What does one do then?


  1. Is The NSA Why Podesta Was Pulled Out Of Mothballs? « The Constitution Club

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