Now The Petty Girls In The White House Want A Giant Slumber Party

Wear feety

With full apologies to The Pink Ladies from Grease

Whoever is approving the Obama White House messaging on ObamaCare seriously has not mentally left middle school.

“Wear pajamas.
Drink hot chocolate,
Talk about getting health insurance.

Oh, great.  An 18-35 year old slumber party – and not the sort like the one I held in the camper in the driveway.  Oh, no.  This is young adults in feety pjs, drinking hot cocoa?!

What, does the Obama team seriously think the budding adults in America are all Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory?

Got news for the A-group clique in the White House – most people in that age range in this country are more of the Penny variety.  Any young adult slumber party now a days would entail jello shots with tequila chasers, t-shirts and shorts – maybe, and no talk of health insurance, just a whole lot of physicals by non-medically licensed eyes, and, well other body parts.

If health insurance, or more specifically, ObamaCare, would come up in conversation, it would be to put a picture of BO on a dart board and for the attendees to take turns aiming for bulls-eyes.  Which part of his mug that would be is a subjective decision on the part of the revelers.

Feety pajamas and hot chocolate?  Where do they come up with this stuff?  Vail before dark?

And, more specifically, who the hell gave them degrees in communications?  Didn’t anybody pay attention when the discussion on how to do market demographics research and test marketing happened?  Any focus groups?  In Las Vegas where the best ones are done?  American young adults don’t wear feety pajamas while drinking hot chocolate and discussing health insurance.  That’s a TV show about nerds – and only one of them would actually partake in any such behavior.

Yes, this is the mental capacity of the people in the Obama Administration.  Wear feety flannel pajamas, drink hot cocoa, and talk about health insurance.  Yeah, right.  Can’t wait to see the pictures on Facebook.

BTW, did anyone bring any Peppermint Schnapps?

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