Phil Robertson Explains Reason For Christmas

This is a video of Duck Commander Phil Robertson talking about why this country needs more Jesus. Certainly timely due to the attacks and character assassinations by the radical Left in regards to his recent statements regarding certain basic Biblical principles on sexual morality.  Not a bad little preacher. Amen brother, preach it.  For it is the Truth that sets us free.

When you see videos like this you start to understand the hatred of the Left for Phil Robertson and for what he unabashedly and unashamedly stands for. If one is in state of rebellion against God and the ‘rules’ he has outlined, then one is likely to react extremely negatively when another dares to remind them of that fact and has the audacity to point out the guidelines the Creator of the Universe has laid down for all mankind.\

Remember the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!


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  1. Watched the whole thing. While I’ll admit he can preach, it’s really just a recap of Pascal’s Wager. A few qualms with the Madison bit, and he could stop insulting Cali (represent!), but it was a good vid, and took me back to the old days.


  1. Duck Commander Phil Robertson Talks About Why This Country Needs More Jesus « Defy The Narrative

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