Big Oil’s Silence On Iran Is Deafening


When Big Oil doesn’t talk, people listen.

In the last week, as the American public has been preoccupied with ObamaCare delays, Duck Dynasty and Christmas, Reuters reported that “Big Oil sits out lobbying on Iran as U.S. Congress Stands Firm.”

The story was picked up on various websites world-wide.  Simply, it’s beyond rather curious.  Not one Big Oil company lobbied for sanctions to be lifted in Iran when ALL of them stand to make a fortune if the Iranian oil fields were suddenly available to U.S., corporations?

This particular issue may be too hot to touch.

“You are unlikely to flip any lawmaker, but you could offend them,” said one lobbyist familiar with sanctions issues, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid being seen as speaking for clients. He said his company had received no client requests this year to lobby on Iran sanctions.

The companies did not comment on the story, but this is most curious.  Big Oil afraid of offending Congresscritters?  In THIS Congress?


If there’s any one thing being in the executive offices of Fortune 500 companies and being on the executive assistant grapevine in a larger metropolitan region has demonstrated, it’s that the official story is rarely the whole truth.  There’s always something else there.

In this case, there is no official story.  That alone is strange.

That the Big Oil companies are sticking together is not strange at all, but very eerie as Big Oil lobbies for or against anything and everything in the energy sector.

Stay tuned.  In the last few years, Big Oil has been lobbying for domestic exploration and drilling leases to boost job creation.  At least that’s the excuse.  That’s actually an enticing reason for lawmakers to buck the White House on the moratorium.  NOT lobbying to get to a sure thing on the drilling front…something’s up.

And Iranian Islamic Fundamentalism most likely ain’t it.

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