Christie Is Not Going To Be Able To Keep Skeletons In The Closet

Chris Christie

Here we go again.  The Northeast “establishment” has floated New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the potential Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election.

For the second time in four months.

What part of “the American conservative base will not vote for the man” doesn’t penetrate?  Doesn’t matter if he’s got what it takes to be president.  Conservatives have pegged him as a RINO and his goose is cooked…although in Christie’s case that might be the wrong game animal.

Back in August, this writer’s main issue with Christie was his tendency to flip on major issues near and dear to the political right, which gave the impression he was trying to make himself more palatable to the conservative voter base.

It won’t work, but the coasties seem to think three years is enough lead time to change enough minds to make a Christie presidency happen.

Now, according to NewsMax, word is that Christie has a bit of a mean and vindictive streak:

“Every organization takes its cues from the leadership as to what’s acceptable and what’s not, and this governor, in his public appearances, has made thuggery acceptable,” said Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is heading an investigation into the lane closings. “For the governor to say, ‘I knew nothing about this’? He created the atmosphere in which this is acceptable.”

Democrats and Republicans alike point to other instances where Christie’s foes have been dealt swift retaliation.

In 2011, Christie accused State Senator Richard J. Codey of being “combative and difficult” in blocking two nominees. Codey responded that he had not blocked the nominations at all, but had agreed to them and held a meeting to speed them up.

Shortly thereafter, Codey, a former governor, was informed he would no longer be granted the occasional state trooper for protection that had guarded him at public events. On the same day, his cousin was fired from his job with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as was a friend working in the state Office of Consumer Affairs.

“I understand politics, that a new administration comes in, Codey told The Times. “But this wasn’t about the usual ‘he brings his own people in.’ This was all about sending a message.”

Well, now, isn’t that special.  Both sides of the aisle see a problem.  And this is the man that The New York Times put next to Hillary Clinton in a clash of the political heavyweights as the potential match-up in 2016.

Petty, mean, vindictive streak…word is Senator McConnell has the same personality trait.  Hmmm……

It is worth reminding the people who bankroll the GOP of a few things that have nothing to do with where a candidate stands on the issues:

  • First, conservatives are no longer in the mood to simply vote for the Republican simply because he or she is a member of the correct party.  They are also not in the mood to accept the people who are career politicians at this time.  The active word here is BETRAYAL.  True or not, that’s what the people are feeling.  (And, unfortunately, that matters more than thinking these days.)
  • Second, the establishment media has been officially neutered by social media.  As the quote above illustrates, skeleton-like information about the candidates can – and does – surface at any time and can make life miserable for a campaign.  The alphabet soup nets and the five major dailies can no longer run interference.
  • Third, we are coming to the end of the fifth year of a vindictive regime with three more to go.  Another such leader would NOT be a good idea, especially when the US standing in world needs to be rebuilt.  Responding to a hospital trip with sending someone to the morgue sort of behavior needs to be left to The Untouchables.  No need for life to imitate that particular art.

Whether the current people in government and their handlers want to believe it or not, the people of the American heartland do not necessarily consider petty vindictiveness a positive character attribute. It has its place, but the Oval Office is not necessarily it.

And the American political right, AKA The TEA Party, is NOT going to vote for Chris Christie west of the Appalachians, even if he is the best of a bunch of bad choices.

Try again, coasties.

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9 replies

  1. I would agree, and I am a conservative Brit living now in America. But the Republican conservative base better run someone that can beat Clinton and Co.! And just who this is? Is beyond me!

  2. Another great piece – and you’ve thought the same things I was as I read (it makes commenting a bit harder too.)
    Christie’s simply the wrong guy, with the wrong weak-GOP ideals, at the absolutely best time to run a conservative or even libertarian candidate. Thank God the idiot-establishment is trying to nerf everyone that is not them. /sarc

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