Leave Her Be

walkingWhile gassing up on a busy roadway, I watched a woman struggle down the sidewalk.  She was focused and diligent.  The scene definitely gripped the heart strings.  (…okay, the heart doesn’t have any strings hanging out if it – but, you know what I mean)

I watched as she made her way,

her struggle was captivating

Reminds me of the bumper sticker,

I’d rather have a bleeding heart than no heart at all





Really, what was most fascinating about this scene – was the multiple passers-by who pulled off the road, strategically placing themselves beside her,

to offer a ride

There’s an apartment complex about a half block down the road.  I figgered‘ she must live there.

Politelyrepeatedly, the woman declined assistance.

Wanna ride?

No, but thank you.

Maaam, can I offer you a lift?

Thank you very much, but I’m almost home.

Excuse me, may I assist?

No thanks.

Forward she ploddedLeaning upon her crutchesdragging and planting those lame legs, she made steady progress.

I was amazed

with so much about this serendipitous encounter, on that obscure evening – as thousands of locals headed home from work.

The scene has been replayed many times over in my mind.  My thoughts include my own urge,

to help her

Really, the event is a bit of a microcosm – symbolic of the nuts & bolts of our striving, as we endeavor to achieve the bonum publicum.

It argues persuasively on behalf of the good in man; charity, compassion, sacrifice and grace.

The implications overflow, contributing to the debate about governance and the whole social contract thingy.

The poor.

The needy.

The suffering.

The deprived.

And, lest we forget -

the rich.

The strong.

The healthy.

The swift, keen and competent…those to whom merit seems to be very generous.

We must look further into the bag, finding there as well – those less admirable human traits of envy, jealousy and bitter contempt.

These unsavory parts & parcels of the human condition are sometimes absent, sometimes prominent.

This woman, with her afflicted physical condition – was beautiful.  An example right before mine own eyes of a determined, persevering, noble creation – demonstrating a strength that goes well beyond the surface of a corpus beset with disease.

I marveled longer than perhaps I had the right to.

…leave her the hell alone,

I thought to myself.

Well intentioned, good folks…

offering aid.

And that, dear friends – is the crux of my deliberations.

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times…

Liberals are so caring and conservatives so mean.

Women are so tender and men are so cold.

Rich folk are so greedy and the poor so generous.

Mean spirits; compassionate redeemers.

Callous endangerment; risk managers and compensation to the injured.

Safe sex and subsidized healthcare.

Minimum wages and copious labor laws for the working class.

My enduring memory of that night will not fade…

it seemed to me that she was doing just fine, and that the all of you who so kindly offered help, actually made her journey more difficult than it already was

2014 snuck (not really a word) up on us and has arrived.  As the progressives disseminate their disingenuous propaganda, replete with doing more, helping the masses, legislating justice, fair play and facilitating human flourishing

I recall that woman, trudging down the road



Self-propelled and self-sufficient.

it’s the little things that are so damn inspiring


May 2014 be blessed and better than any before.


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