Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal: Big Networks Ignore New IRS Twist, Cult Bloggers Keep The Story Alive

IRS Scandal

In a theatrical twist along the “Highlander” and “A Christmas Story” cult phenom lines, the main arbiters of political thought are doing their best it ignore a blatant conflict of interest, to echo Rep. Darrell Issa.  It seems that the Department of “Justice” has appointed Barbara Kay Bosserman as the head of the investigation into whether or not the IRS denied conservative and TEA Party named groups nonprofit status as part of political play.

The big problem with this: Ms. Bosserman gave the Obama campaigns $6,000 in 2008 and 2012.

This is not one of the bigger bombshells in the series of “to be continued…” episodes in TEA Party-gate, but it does tell the community of conservative bloggers who are actually paying attention to how this is all shaking out exactly what the Obama Administration and its “Justice” Department think of the investigation.  As if there was any doubt with the slow-rolling that was going on over the summer.

We out here on the fruited plain get it.  The men sitting in the dark, smoky room who are deciding what all of us should think, oh, excuse me, FEEL, really don’t want anyone noticing that all this is going on, so they’ve decided to just ignore it hoping it will go away.

Except, since they no longer truly control the messaging gatekeeper’s role, thanks to the internet and all the blogs that diffuse and destroy their carefully crafted messaging, this story will be followed until the bitter end.

Too bad.  So sad.

Back in the 80’s, with cable and video, movies that bombed at the box office got a second chance, sometimes achieving culture engraining status.

The same thing is happening with the Foggy Bottom Theater of Scandal and the IRS.  The critics are trying to sweep the thing out the door with the rest of the trash, and some collector keeps rescuing it.

Although, outside of the cult, TEA Party-gate is starting to lose its draw.  It could just be the New Jersey fiasco unfolding on the same day the news broke on a non- five major daily publication, but without any kind of progress, it gets kind of boring….

Exactly what the men in the smoky room want, which is why we are all watching for the next bombshell.

Stay tuned.

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