And The GOP Will Keep Talking About Abortion


Every January in America we seem to get into this big “discussion” on abortion.  More than likely it’s because with a new year, whoever is in control of Congress tries to push through legislation that favors their side.

It also happens to be the month of the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, one of the worst laws ever foisted on the American public and the annual date of the largest marsh in Washington, D.C., whether the MSM covers it or not.

Irin Carmon of MSNBC (don’t watch, so don’t know her) writes “Why the GOP is Still Talking About Abortion,” a column in which the “Republican War On Women” has yet another battle of some sort as Ms. Carmon calls out Rep. Trent Franks for turning the tables on the females rooting for in-utero infanticide on demand and stating:

“I don’t think there’s any greater war on women anywhere in the world than abortion on demand,” Rep. Trent Franks told msnbc this morning, shortly after a subcommittee hearing on HR7, the so-called No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. The bill would ban federal subsidies and tax benefits to private insurance plans if they cover abortion, broadening the scope of the Hyde Amendment, which already largely prohibits taxpayer funding for abortion.

As for the so-called GOP rebrand, Franks, who has often championed such legislation, said, “There are very few issues that are more important to the Republican [party] foundation than protecting innocent human life.” He added, “If somehow now we should let that central pillar of who we are as a party crumble, we would simply go the way of the Whigs.”

Adding insult to Ms. Carmon’s injury, it seems that Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus is making one of the best moves he has so far in his tenure:

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus delayed the start of the party’s winter meeting so members could attend the annual March on Life on the Mall. “This is a core principle of our party,” he told the Washington Times.

Good for him.  Very astute move.  Hopefully, the ladies and gentlemen of the party will walk with their constituents bad weather or no.

But still, to the warriors this all seems to be about politically making women feel bad about their opinions and convictions in the reproductive arguments:

All of the sensitivity trainings in the world can’t change that core principle, apparently, in part because opposition to abortion, and even contraception, remains a motivating issue for the Republican base. Never mind that in the most recent cycle, Virginia voters told pollsters that Republican policies on abortion led them to pick a Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, for governor. Or that the contraceptive policy Republicans are hoping the Supreme Court strikes down was part of the winning formula for Democrats in 2012.

It’s about politics to the Carmon and her fellow War on Women warriors.  Politics and what the STATE allows or does not allow, condones or condemns, or considers morally acceptable.

It does not occur to them that pro-life direction on this subject  comes from a higher power.  Probably because they either don’t believe in or take seriously the higher power.

It is not simply the Republican Party that will not leave alone the subject of abortion – or forcing people to pay for procedures and services that they find morally offensive.  It’s people everywhere who believe that our freedom of religion bars the state from telling us what is to be condoned or condemned and what is morally acceptable on this topic.

So why are Republicans still talking about abortion?  Because for all the talk of “settled law” there is no such thing in the United States.  Any and every law can be overturned or changed with the right number of votes in the right legislatures.  And with control of the legal benches…yes, all laws permitting abortion and contraception could be overturned (doubtful at this time, though).

It’s worth a shot.

Carmon, however, seemed more interested in making her assertions Democrat vs. Women Hating Republicans:

[Helen] Alvare did mention a couple of policies she would consider more pro-woman than the right to choose and access an abortion, among them paid family leave. In fact, Democrats just introduced such legislation in both chambers. The Republican silence was deafening.

Without the details of the legislation, there is no way to comment with honesty.  Although, for a woman who claims “Nearly one in three American women will have an abortion in her lifetime” when the fact sheet she references says three in ten before age 45, that little tidbit just seems to be too much to acknowledge.  (Repeat customers are not mentioned in Ms. Carmon’s piece.  That could skew the incidence rates considerably..)

And so we Americans embark on the abortion shout fest again this year against the backdrop of Democratic women spoiling for a fight and Republican men walking into neat traps set for them.

War on Women, huh?  It really seems that the women themselves are advocating that which will make them objects in a culture obsessed with sex.  The damage done to women’s bodies, minds and souls by abortion is now quite well documented.  Why Democratic women would fight for more of that damage just does not make sense.

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