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  • Arrogant Easy Days People

    the commish

    John Koskinen is the IRS Commissioner. I’m sure he was hired to do damage control. What have you ever built, John? What contributions to the nation have you made? What have you written? Ever get your hands dirty? Do you… Read More ›

  • Lois Glimpses


    “It’s our own crazies that will take us down.” “Take us down,” she writes-this woman who receives a government check large enough to garner six figures annually. Her retirement on us after years showing up at the IRS offices she… Read More ›

  • IRS, Not the Only One

    Thinking about the IRS, another government agency of which the ordinary citizen can little affect, knowing it like all agencies have become a playground for the leftist democratic donors and sleazy activists for all things government, all things collective, control,… Read More ›

  • Loosen the Bindings


    The leftists in our Senate, Congress and White House will not stop their assault on liberty. They will not stop their work to enslave by shutting down voices with the spin and lie, making us out to be foolish partisans… Read More ›

  • My God, What’s Wrong with People?

    Dead Infant Cartoon

    A post from Gadsden, Alabama, where a plane crash took the lives of five natives in Colorado including young elementary students was made, reporting the tragic news. One person saw fit to mention the class warfare of Medicare as in… Read More ›

  • Democratic Voices-Deceiving America for Years


    Lately one of the many clubs of highly paid government regulators somehow actually put down on paper that a program of federal visitation to newsrooms was a keen idea, under the guise of performing their duty to assure that small… Read More ›

  • High Maintenance Wendy


    The Abortion Barbie has every bit the look and history of one who is never satisfied. The guy can expect to be her go-for as well as her provider should she link up with another hapless high earner–oh yes, he… Read More ›

  • A Review of a Review


    Lone Survivor Has Too Much Violence and Jingoism for Its Own Good LA Weekly Film, February 9. 2014. Amy Nicholson. “Here’s a movie that’ll flop in Kabul. Lone Survivor, the latest by Battleship director Peter Berg, is a jingoistic snuff… Read More ›

  • I Will Not Comply


    The human being is full of want and most act stupidly in their lives in pursuit of his greatest source of satisfaction. Some aspire to no more than a drug high for the little time produced by introducing chemicals where… Read More ›

  • Can We See Enemies?


    What is Obama and his administration doing? We know what they have been doing since it has been easy enough to listen to what they say and watch what they do. As the transformation of what little remains of a… Read More ›

  • Okay, Justin.

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  • Lies

    Lies coming in full circles, never ending.   Now, Detroit’s problems are because of conservatives.  The corrupt IRS, the violators of the 4th Amendment, NSA, the extreme excesses of the GSA and other government agencies, and failure in Benghazi are… Read More ›

  • Some Live, Some Die Part Two—A Very Partial List


    Eric Holder The democratic strategist currently drawing a salary for a title is reportedly surprised at people in his party who are calling for his resignation.  His concerns were addressed though when each politician assured him that they have said… Read More ›

  • Some Live, Some Die


    The perfected Godless bureaucrat, as she goes about being oh so careful in her daily work Kathleen sucks her share of resources from the duped that pay her.  She’s building a bank account.  The over-arching demands of her boss cause… Read More ›

  • I See Them Sometimes at Work and at Walmart


    I see them. I see democrats. The people who complain a great deal about much in life, particularly their own, come in to make application to lower themselves to accept a check from business. From the unfair hardship of having… Read More ›

  • The Destructors, Those Small Minded Destroyers


    If you stand up for your beliefs—your knowledge—and your experience with truth, the left will work to destroy you. The little broadcaster Mike Malloy said on air that John McCain deserved the torture he received as a captive at the… Read More ›

  • Post Election Thoughts


    Well established is the media compliance—propagandizing the leftist’s vision for this nation. Day after day paid spokespersons argue, pronounce, and defend their slavish devotion to a government that controls. This will not repeat the piles of examples, the voluminous record… Read More ›

  • Thanksgiving 2012


    The Road Taken November 6. Held my peace to let time heal some. Haven’t said much since the debacle of November 6. Have not signed any secession petitions. Have not gone out and bought a rifle—but know how to use… Read More ›

  • Obama’s Gathering


    He gathered a goodly cross section of liberals and put them on a payroll that all taxpayers fund. Some are Marxists, some are European Socialists, and some are American “progressives,” who never think of any government spending as something to… Read More ›

  • Chris Matthews


    We see now most profoundly than ever perhaps the spectacle of an enemy media at war with free America exemplified by the one and only Chris Mathews. Feckless (the second definition from Merriam-Webster), narrow minded, hysterical for socialism and all… Read More ›


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