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  • A Most Conservative Revolution


    Today we celebrate for the 238th time, something the Founders did not want. Independence. What they wanted was restoration of their rights as freeborn Englishmen. Our revolution was in direct line of succession from Magna Charta, The English Civil War, and The… Read More ›

  • Cliven Bundy and The Rural Way


    I said yesterday, on my blog that we were going to look at the confrontation between Cliven Bundy and the BLM today, and we are. But first I want you to read Victor Davis Hanson on it, so here it is: Works… Read More ›

  • Catholicism, the Internet, and Freedom of Speech


    I’m going to conflate a few things today, for a purpose, which will be apparent. First we have all seen the reports in the last few days that the Obama administration wishes to give up American control of the internet…. Read More ›

  • Hope


    Many of you know that my co-author on my blog, Jessica, is a Brit, and a very strong Christian. A week ago she shared a story with us, a story that is very nearly miraculous, and I want to share… Read More ›

  • “Leg of Nothing and No Turnips”


    The title comes from PVT Joseph Plumb Martin’s account of the Thanksgiving service and his dinner while serving in the Continental Army in the fall and winter of 1777. He sounds like a typical American solder, griping about his very… Read More ›

  • Why Are You Thinking of College?


    I talk about this fairly often on my blog, but not so much here. Why exactly are you (or your kids) thinking of going to college? Because you have to, to get a good job? That was my answer, until… Read More ›

  • 267 Words

    267 words. Spoken by a President of the United States. Spoken in the midst of a great Civil War, on a battlefield, to help dedicate a military cemetery. 267 words, that redefined a free people, for the next century and… Read More ›

  • Obamacare: Some Thoughts

    It’s probably a fair bet that you’ve already seen this, but it’s cute and pretty much true, funny too. So enjoy It’s a cute video and the problems is speaks of are real enough but its far from funny for… Read More ›

  • Break the Paradigm


    You know for 130 years now, the federal government has had the civil service. It began with the Civil Service Act under Chester A. Arthur. It was an attempt to restrain the unseemly (and corrupt) spoils system, that had every… Read More ›

  • The Immortal Memory

    The British Empire got it’s start as a Tudor Enterprise as Henry VIII established the Royal Navy and as men increasingly saw how England could challenge Spain on the sea. Britain was well placed for this as an island off… Read More ›

  • Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy: But Do They Have the Guts to Fix It?


    We talk quite a lot here about the economy, of course, and occasionally even feel sorry for the kids coming out of college with degrees that enable them to do ‘not much’, and a load of student debt. We are… Read More ›

  • Artillery Hell and Vittles

    Every American opponent in battle from the Confederates on, have come away from the battle in awe of American firepower, and by extension, airpower. That tradition started 151 years ago this week in a Maryland cornfield. This battle included the single bloodiest day… Read More ›

  • Why America Is Saying ‘No’

    red line

    Peggy Noonan has a post up at the Wall Street Journal. None of you are going to be surprised that I disagree often and vehemently with her. I’ve come to the conclusion that her world just doesn’t look like mine. New York… Read More ›

  • Syria

      I’m stealing this from Ace of Spades HQ, it’s too short to do anything else, and it’s the best description I’ve seen of this mess.   Leaked: Last Message Out of Damascus from the U.S. State Department Crisis Team. Not… Read More ›

  • Copts, Muslim Brotherhood, the Army, and America


    My friend Chalcedon at All along the Watchtower has many friends in the Coptic Church and he posted earlier today on the troubles in Egypt. I doubt many of us are surprised that it is not as we have heard… Read More ›

  • Hidden Hand vs Invisible Hand


    One of my commenters, Amyclae, commented on my Industrial Prosperity and Safety yesterday. It was an outstanding comment and included this link. It’s a very interesting paper dealing with industrial development in the third world. My main takeaway, even though there is… Read More ›

  • Closed for Business

    You know, I’m becoming an old man, and when I refer to myself as such,  Jess always tells me nonsense but, since she is on retreat for the moment I can say it. But the point is this, I look… Read More ›

  • Political Correctness vs. The Truth

    Britain Radical Preacher

    My friend Juwannadoright reblogged the original post and made some very cogent points here, I recommend her take highly. I do want to go a bit farther with it however. She does make the point that I took my title from…. Read More ›

  • The Mission Statement

    237 years ago a mission statement was issued. They didn’t use that fad term of course but, that’s exactly what it was. it was the mission statement for a free nation, indeed it was a mission statement for the free… Read More ›

  • Presidents in Berlin


    For fifty years next week, American Presidents have been making speeches in Berlin. Fifty years ago next week there was this: Ich bin ein Berliner spoken to 450,000 Germans from an open stage Twenty-six years ago last week there was this Tear Down this Wall spoken to 45,000… Read More ›


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