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Listening To A Black Canary

- by Jack Curtis – Black Americans have abandoned their post-slavery American Southern Christian culture, replacing God and responsibility with Government and entitlement. As the larger culture is now engaged in the same transition, the American black experience has much… Read More ›

There Will Be Blood

- by Amil Imani – From Northern Iraq to Northeastern Syria, from Nairobi, Kenya to Benghazi, Libya, from Lahore, Pakistan to the rugged mountains of Mali and Afghanistan, militant Muslims have executed tens of thousands of their fellow Muslims and… Read More ›

Islam’s War on Women

Good News First I would guess you remember Meriam Ibrahim. She’s the 27 year old Sudanese, married to an American, who gave birth a few weeks ago while shackled in a Sudanese prison. That sentence was averted some time ago… Read More ›

Anti-Christian Coalition

In researching for information concerning homosexual marriages, it was an interesting finding that Taiwan, France and other countries were protesting the concept of homosexual marriages while it was being foisted upon America. The world’s citizens are opposed to it but… Read More ›


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