Health Care

Talon’s Point – Nov 29th, 2013

“America’s inner cities are an indictment of the failure of the Socialist experiment including already existing government healthcare programs. The insistence on subjugating the rest of America (through political conquest despite Constitutional guarantees of personal liberty), under programs of control,… Read More ›

Kids, Get Out!

As the oldest of nine children, I am well-acquainted with the different tones in which parents address their children. “Son, why did you do that?” A mournful question, laden with unshed tears, brought on by the foolish choice of a… Read More ›

Until Natural Death

Yesterday, an article titled Doctor vs. Patient in Texas appeared on the conservative group blog American Thinker.  It tells of a bill making its way through the Texas legislature on the subject of end of life decisions, specifically “Do Not… Read More ›

The Last Dance

Tomorrow night will be Obama/Romney’s last date; watchers will see their last dance before the band packs up and goes home for the election. Tuesday morning, the pundits will solemnly assign ‘victory’ to whomever they favor while the pollsters will… Read More ›


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