The Mission Statement

237 years ago a mission statement was issued. They didn’t use that fad term of course but, that’s exactly what it was. it was the mission statement for a free nation, indeed it was a mission statement for the free… Read More ›

Imagine If You Will

It’s been over three decades since John Lennon was shot. A tragedy regardless of who he was, but almost as tragic is the sort of rose-colored hagiography that surrounds the thinking man’s MopTop. He skimmed through Marx’s Communist Manifesto and… Read More ›

Attack of the Weiner Man

IN HONOR OF WEINER’S BEST WORK HITTING THE WEB TODAY So – it didn’t take our friend Andrew Breitbart long to find a way to get Weiner’s weenie on the web – and play the victim at the same time,… Read More ›


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